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A Luxury Cruise With Mr. Delicious

It all began when a good buddy of mine recommended me for lecturing in an Enrichment Program aboard a luxury cruise ship throughout the Bahamas for 7 days. After a nanosecond of thought, I said yes! But then I tried to figure out how to sort it out with my wife. I knew that she would have a difficult, if not impossible time dropping everything at work and jumping on a luxury cruise ship with only three days notice. Of course I was right; she said no!

So, I brought my tall, dark and handsome friend Javier. On a luxury cruise. For one week. What could go wrong?

Luxury Cruise? Sorry Honey, It’s For Work!

Actually everything went completely right! My buddy Javier had a wonderful time cruising thru Clarence Town Bahamas, Long Island Bahamas, Bimini, Nassau Bahamas and throughout the Exumas. Crystal Cruise Lines delivered a Six-Star experience!

When it comes to luxury cruise companies, their staff is second to none and their staff-to-guest ratio is one of the highest in the world. The activities, food, enrichment lecturers, spas and especially the wines and cocktails were amazing. The room sizes and room services were also a cut above.

Crystal Cruise Lines was also extremely diligent in this time of COVID. We began with a complete COVID screening. We were tested at the embarkation area before we boarded, and then we were given contact tracing watches to make sure we were as safe as possible aboard the ship. The entire staff wore PPE and we felt completely safe throughout the entire cruise.

The anticipation was high as we drifted away from Miami on our way to the islands, not really sure what we would see the next morning. We found ourselves in an amazing luxurious cabin with every amenity we could wish for. Sipping a cappuccino and eating fresh fruit out on the veranda of our comfortable suite that first morning set the tone for the entire trip.

luxury cruise

Javier spent most of his time exercising, doing yoga, playing paddleboard and enriching his mind with culture and intelligent conversation. I, on the other hand, spent my time eating, drinking, sleeping in the shade, listening to the live music by the pool and enriching my mind with absolutely nothing. We both did exactly what we went on board to do.

For the record, though, I really did work on this luxury cruise! I gave several lectures on my recent book projects as part of the Crystal Visions Enrichment Program, but speaking aboard the Crystal Serenity hardly seemed like work, and the audience was all in. The Enrichment Program grants access to interesting lecturers with a captivated audience in a perfect setting and is broadcasted throughout the ship live and available with play-on-demand.

Luxury Cruise Food And Entertainment

Let’s talk about the amazing restaurants? Sushi, Italian food and the Brazilian style Churrascaria was off the hook! And of course, all included. Almost anywhere you go on these ships, there is food. And drink! Award-winning wines, top-notch liquors, and the best beers are at your beck and call.

The entertainment was outstanding as well. We had the opportunity to catch the Billy Joel tribute band; the performer hit all the notes as if Billy Joel himself was on stage. The comedian was hysterical and literally straight off of the Las Vegas strip.

We spent a perfect day in Nassau, Bahamas renting two scooters, exploring all sorts of cool gardens, beaches and local watering holes like Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Resort. It’s really cool to get out and about when your island hopping on a cruise ship. I suggest renting a car or scooters and going out on your own excursions. But, you can also never go wrong booking excursions through the cruise ship, like Jet Skis, Scuba Diving, Sightseeing, Dolphin Encounters, Island Bike Tours, an Eco Conch Cruise, Reef Shark Feeding, the Ardastra Gardens and visiting National Monuments.

So by now you might be asking about Mr. Delicious! While we were walking about the ship, it appeared we (and when I say we, I mean Javier) were attracting quite a bit of attention from ladies, and men, on board the ship. One evening towards the end of the cruise we went into a restaurant and while waiting to be seated, four ladies, who we later found out were from Canada, walked up behind us and one of them said, “ Oh look, there’s Mr. Delicious!“ I immediately got a huge smile on my face, trying not to laugh, as Javier turned with a stunned look on his face. After that, much to his chagrin, I used the nickname “Mr. Delicious” to refer to Javier for most of the rest of the cruise. I’m pretty sure Javier didn’t take it as a compliment but he was gracious nonetheless.

On the final day of the cruise, Javier returned to the room after a round of paddleboard laughing very cynically. He explained to me that while he was playing, the women we saw at the restaurant approached him to play a round with him. He obliged, and proceeded to get to know them. He asked them, “Why are you calling me Mr. Delicious?” One of the women looked at him and said, “Oh we weren’t talking about you, we were talking about your friend!” After he got back to the cabin and explained what happened, I was stuck with the name “Mr. Delicious.” So, the laugh was on me and this whole article changed right then and there. I won’t lie, though, I was flattered!

Take A Cruise

As we where pulling into Miami I couldn’t help but look back and reflect on all of the incredible meals, the new friends that we met, the time I spent getting closer to my good friend Javier and the pure joy I experienced while being at sea for seven days. I guess what I’m saying is take a cruise! Whether it’s with your husband or your wife, your children or your friends, with Javier, by yourself or with me, “Mr. Delicious,” you should get on a cruise ship and sail away for while! It’s an experience that you will never forget.

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