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Brandon Steiner – Author, Motivational Speaker & Founder Of CollectibleXchange

Manopod Podcast
Published: February 10, 2023

Imagine making millions of dollars selling dirt! Brandon Steiner did exactly that, but it wasn’t just any dirt–it was from old Yankee Stadium and countless other sports venues around the country. Brandon Steiner started life “dirt poor” and became an author, motivational speaker, and one of the biggest names in sports memorabilia. He has worked with the biggest athletes in every sport, including Derek Jeter, Mickey Mantle, Lawrence Taylor and more. He works with most major league teams, and after selling Steiner Sports to Fanatics, he started another business called CollectibleXchange, offering authentic sports memorabilia and more. Mike and Larry explore Brandon’s “rags to riches” story and how insatiable curiosity keeps him active, passionate, and relevant.

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