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Constantine Delo – Co-Founder of Hindley Street Country Club

Manopod Podcast
Published: June 11, 2021


Larry and Mike talk with Constantine Delo, co-founder of the internet-busting Australian musical group “Hindley Street Country Club.” A true Manopause man, he started this musical juggernaut at age 53, and HSCC covers and re-imagines great music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, including Springsteen, Toto, Steely Dan, Grover Washington, Heart, Little River Band, Sting, Yes, and the list goes on! Meet the man and see some of their great videos!

Curious to learn more about the man behind Hindley Street Country Club? Well, get ready to be amazed. Constantine Delo, the co-founder of this sensational band, has not only captured the hearts of fans worldwide but also garnered over 526 million views on YouTube and a dedicated following of over 921,000 subscribers.

With their unique approach to covering classic tunes and adding an Australian twist, Hindley Street Country Club has taken the music world by storm. But what led Constantine to this remarkable success? How did he bring his vision to life?


The Early Life of Constantine Delo

What sparked Constantine Delo’s interest in music?

From a young age, Constantine started to understand the joy of sharing music with others, thus driving his passion for the art form even further.

In his own words:

“music is like love: you think you pick it, but it picks you”.

As his interest in music grew, so did his curiosity about music production and recording. This led him to explore new pathways in the music industry, fueling his desire to create unique and engaging musical pieces. His early experiences, combined with his innate love for music, have been instrumental in shaping his career in the music industry.


How did his early life influence his career?

Born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia, Constantine Delo embarked on his journey to becoming a renowned music figure. His early life significantly contributed to his love for music and ultimately led to the creation of the Hindley Street Country Club.

Delo’s interaction with Adelaide’s lively music scene and his admiration for local musicians sparked his interest in music and live performances. These early influences shaped his eclectic musical taste, which is evident in the band’s varied selection of cover songs.

The success of Hindley Street Country Club and its engagement with the community can be traced back to Delo’s ambition to establish a platform for local musicians, a desire rooted in his early experiences in South Australia.

In essence, Constantine Delo’s early life in Adelaide paved the way for his remarkable music career and the formation of the Hindley Street Country Club. His lifelong passion for music and commitment to promoting local talent has significantly contributed to the band’s success and wide-ranging community engagement.


On Stage and Beyond: Constantine Delo’s Memorable Performances

From his powerful vocals to his captivating stage presence, Constantine has left audiences in awe with his talent and passion for music. Whether he’s performing with Hindley Street Country Club or collaborating on other projects, Constantine’s career highlights and collaborations showcase his incredible musical journey.


What are the career highlights of Constantine Delo in the music industry?

His journey, stretching over thirty years, is a testament to his dedication and expertise in the field. Delo’s most notable achievement is his role as a co-founder of the renowned Hindley Street Country Club, a band based in Adelaide. The rise of the Hindley Street Country Club is an inspiring story. As their music began to resonate with listeners, their online presence grew exponentially.

Today, their videos have gained more than 526 million views from fans across the globe. Additionally, they have over 921,000 subscribers on YouTube, a testament to their influence and reach in the industry. Delo’s accomplishments extend beyond just performances. He’s been instrumental in crafting re-arranged cover songs, which have been widely appreciated. His engagement with the audience also sets him apart.

One way he does this is through regular interactions on Instagram, where he shares behind-the-scenes insights, updates, and personal anecdotes. Delo’s journey is a potent example of how passion, talent, and hard work can create a significant impact on the music industry.


On Stage and Beyond: Constantine Delo’s Memorable Performances

From their electrifying cover of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘I’m On Fire’ to their infectious rendition of Rupert Holmes’ ‘Escape (the Pina Colada Song)’ and their mesmerizing take on Dire Straits’ ‘Sultans of Swing,’ Delo and his band bring a fresh and captivating energy to every stage they grace. With their unique twists and impeccable musicianship, these performances are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.


‘I’M ON FIRE’ (Bruce Springsteen) cover by HSCC

HSCC breathes new life into ‘I’M ON FIRE’, a timeless song by Bruce Springsteen. The lead vocalist, Constantine Delo, demonstrates his vocal prowess, injecting fresh energy into the classic song. This performance was recorded live, further intensifying the raw energy and authenticity of the rendition. The band’s version of ‘I’M ON FIRE’ has become a sensation, racking up millions of views across several social media platforms. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with listeners praising the band’s musical skill and stage presence. For anyone with a passion for music, HSCC’s performance of ‘I’M ON FIRE’ is a must-see.


‘ESCAPE (the Pina Colada Song) (Rupert Holmes) cover by HSCC

Another impressive performance is their version of ‘ESCAPE (the Pina Colada Song) (RUPERT HOLMES)’.


‘Sultans Of Swing’ (Dire Straits) Cover by The HSCC

The HSCC’s cover of ‘Sultans Of Swing’, originally by Dire Straits, coupled with Constantine Delo’s arrangement, offers a fresh take on this classic rock anthem. This version of ‘Sultans Of Swing’ by the HSCC stands out for its unique blend of originality and respect for the classic rock anthem. The HSCC’s cover of ‘Sultans Of Swing’ is a must-watch for any music lover.


The Creation of Hindley Street Country Club

Constantine Delo’s influence and leadership were instrumental in the band’s formation in 2017. Alongside Darren Mullan, they started as a group of Adelaide musicians recording re-arranged covers and uploading them weekly to Facebook and YouTube. This online success story quickly snowballed, accumulating over 526 million YouTube views and 921,000 subscribers globally.


Constantine Delo’s Influence and Leadership

In 2017, he brought together a talented group of musicians from Adelaide and founded HSCC, giving a fresh twist to cover songs and making them appealing to music lovers worldwide. Delo’s impactful influence can be seen in every aspect of the band’s operation. He’s played a vital role in creating unique branding for HSCC, developing a distinctive live recording process, and fostering a culture of storytelling within the band. Delo’s knack for fan engagement on social media platforms, like Instagram, has also contributed to HSCC’s growing popularity.


The Band’s Online Success Story

The HSCC consistently releases content on YouTube, providing their followers with fresh material every week. This consistent engagement has been instrumental in fostering a robust online community around their music. Additionally, their active presence on Instagram and Facebook has significantly amplified their visibility and reach, demonstrating the potential of social media as a tool for musicians to connect with fans and grow their audience.



In conclusion, Constantine Delo’s passion for music and his unique approach to covering classic songs have propelled Hindley Street Country Club to incredible success. With their dedicated following and millions of views on YouTube, the band has captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

Constantine’s aspirations for the future, including a potential tour in Las Vegas and expanding their presence in America, show that Hindley Street Country Club’s journey is far from over. Keep an eye out for this talented musician and his band as they continue to make waves in the music industry.



1. Who is Constantine Delo?

Constantine Delo is the arranger and producer who founded The Hindley Street Country Club in 2017, an Australian musical group that covers re-arranged great music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

2. How old is Constantine Delo?

Constantine Delo is 53 years old.

3. Where is Constantine Delo from?

Constantine Delo was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia.

4. Does Constantine Delo have a Wikipedia page?

Constantine Delo currently does not have a Wikipedia page, but he is mentioned on the Wikipedia page for Hindley Street Country Club.

5. Where can I find more information about Constantine Delo and Hindley Street Country Club?

You can find more information about Constantine Delo and Hindley Street Country Club on their official website, social media platforms, and YouTube channel.

6. What instrument does Con Delo play at Hindley Street Country Club?

In the Hindley Street Country Club, Con Delo primarily plays the bass guitar.

7. What other roles does Con Delo undertake at Hindley Street County Club?

In addition to his role as a bass guitarist and singer, he is also an arranger and producer.



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