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Leonid & Friends: The Russian “Chicago” – Manopod Podcast

Manopod Podcast
Published: September 10, 2020

It’s another Manopod podcast! Larry and Mike have a verbal jam session with Leonid Vorobyev, a true Manopause Man, who instead of retiring at age 60, organized his musician friends into an international music sensation. Alongside his son Roman, the band’s manager, he tells the story of how he decided to follow his dream of playing his favorite music for fans everywhere. Leonid & Friends have been embraced by the original “Chicago,” have toured in the US, and have exploded in popularity around the world! And they’re branching out to cover other great bands of the 70s, like Earth, Wind, and Fire and Deep Purple. And the guys even got a scoop on who’s next! This is a Must See!

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