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T Rex Ranch Creators – Aaron Michaels and LB

Manopod Podcast
Published: January 27, 2023

Inside the World of T Rex Ranch

This a show that resonates with millions around the world and probably with your kids or grandkids. Filled with thrilling adventures and magical characters, no wonder it has garnered such a massive following. But what’s the story behind this YouTube phenomenon?

Behind the Roars: Meet the Ranch Rangers

Introducing Aaron Michaels and LB – the duo behind T-Rex Ranch. Also known as “Park Ranger Aaron” and “Park Ranger LB”, this father-son duo started this adventure as a way to bond and spend quality time. Little did they know their simple family fun would turn into a worldwide sensation.

Many fans of the show find themselves asking the question: Are Park Ranger Aaron and LB truly father and son? To put any doubts to rest, yes, they are. Their real-life closeness shines through, making their adventures even more heart warming.

The Phenomenon Behind The Show

There is no doubt that T-Rex Ranch became YouTube phenomenon, gaining over 3.2 billion views and nearing 3 million subscribers. The show began in 2014, and since then it continues to invite viewers on the ultimate play date with Aaron, LB and other rangers at the ranch where they take care of various dinosaurs in the park. The TV mini series has a 5.6/10 on IMDB and is favourite among kids.

Apart from all the families that are watching the T-Rex Ranch, they got the chance to work with the entertainment industry. The park rangers had an amazing opportunity to work together with Universal Studios during their release of the movie Jurassic World. Together they created a video featuring actors from the movie such as Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard.

The Cast and Characters

The show also has other characters beyond the original creators, like Park Ranger Asher, Park Ranger Orson, and Park Ranger Darren, and many more characters appearing through the episodes.

Still the father-son duo is the central theme of the show, with fans enjoying the videos Park Ranger LB and Park Ranger Aaron create for their childlike curiosity and wide range of knowledge for all things dinosaur.

But who are they behind the scenes? Aaron Michaels is the real name of Park Ranger Asher, while LB’s real name still remains a mystery.

More Than Just A YouTube Channel

Park rangers Aaron and LB didn’t stop at T-Rex Ranch. They have since started a new adventure called “Funquesters“. This show has content designed for an older audience, but still has the charm and fun of the original.

If you are asking “Where to watch the T-Rex Ranch and its spin-off?”

YouTube is still the primary platform, with some episode also available on select streaming services like Prime Video and Netflix.


At the T-Rex Ranch there is a little something for everyone. These videos have captured the hearts of parents, grandparents & kids alike with their fun and educational content. So the next time you are searching for something to entertain the little ones, why not check out the T-Rex Ranch’s fun and excitement on YouTube?


What is T-Rex Ranch?

T-Rex Ranch is a popular YouTube channel that creates dinosaur-themed adventure videos led by Park Ranger Aaron and LB with fun and educational content for kids and families.

Who are the creators of T-Rex Ranch?

T-Rex Ranch was created by Aaron Michaels (Park Ranger Aaron) and his son LB (Park Ranger LB).

Where is T-Rex Ranch filmed?

The exact location of T-Rex Ranch isn’t disclosed, but its realistic landscapes have made many viewers question, “Where was Jurassic Park filmed?”

Who are the T-Rex Ranch cast members?

The T-Rex Ranch cast includes Park Ranger Aaron (Aaron Michaels), Park Ranger LB, Park Ranger Asher, Park Ranger Orson, Park Ranger Darren, and many more characters that add to the charm of the show.

Are Park Ranger Aaron and LB father and son in real life?

Yes, Park Ranger Aaron and Park Ranger LB, the creators of T-Rex Ranch, are father and son in real life.


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