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City Of Thieves

New York Times bestseller “City of Thieves” takes place during the siege of Leningrad in World War II. Winter has arrived, the city is under bombardment by the Nazis, food and shelter are scarce, and the cold is deadly.

Lev is a teenage son of a poet who stayed behind in Leningrad to help protect the city as his mother and siblings fled. He struggles to survive, and after he and his friends find a dead german paratrooper on the street, they try to take any valuables they can. Lev is caught by the local Russian police and sent to the prison for execution as a looter. Here he meets Kolya, a young dashing Corporal in the Red Army and a descendent of Cossacks who was thrown in prison, also for summary execution, allegedly for desertion.

Their lives are spared by a corrupt Colonel who needs a dozen eggs so his wife can bake a wedding cake for his daughter. He sends Lev and Kolya on a mission to find them, gives them transit papers, and tells these unlikely comrades that if they do not return within a week with the dozen eggs, they will be hunted and killed.

What sounded like a reasonable but absurd task becomes a nightmare of murderers, cannibals, freezing cold, and Nazis. Lev and Kolya must rely on each other to stay alive and find the prize.

Written by Emmy-Award winning co-producer of “Game of Thrones” David Benioff, “City of Thieves” is a compelling, exhilarating, and inspiring page-turner about love, friendship, loyalty, cruelty, and the fragility of life.

Book review written by: Larry Pollack

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