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Laws Of Depravity

There’s nothing like a heart-pounding thriller! Actor, writer, and director Eriq La Salle’s (ER, Coming to America, Chicago Med) action-packed novel “Laws Of Depravity” keeps you on the edge of your seat with twist and turns that will keep you guessing!

“Laws Of Depravity” is the first in a series of thrillers that begins with a gruesome murder of a priest by a serial killer. Known as The Martyr Maker, the killer re-emerges every 10 years to kill 12 clergymen before disappearing again for a decade. His crimes recreate the deaths of Jesus’ apostles and now he’s back for Round 3.

A New York Detective and an FBI agent scramble to find a pattern to the crimes and get one step ahead before the killer can complete his dozen executions. The killer, though, always seems to anticipate their actions. Along the way, they discover that these clergymen are not what they seem.

It’s a fast read, with short staccato chapters that keep you turning the pages. La Salle’s characters are well-developed, interesting, and relatable. If you liked Robert Ludlum’s books, you’ll love Eric La Salle’s “Laws of Depravity.”

Review written by: Larry Pollack

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Pair It With:

Macallan 15: A delicious single malt scotch aged in sherry seasoned European and American oak. Pour over a large single cube or drink neat. Either way, this scotch is the perfect pairing for this suspense novel.

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