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Nomadic Life For All Ages

One of the first quotes I heard from Norm was from John Lennon: “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans,”  and I think that is a great way to introduce the book, “Nomadic Life for All Ages.” If you are looking at changing the way you live or even the way you travel, this book can help you make that become your reality. It is broken down into simple easy to follow instruction on how to travel on a budget and submerging yourself into the local culture.  Staying six weeks at a time in one area helps you meet the locals, share their stories, and learn about their surroundings. Isn’t that what we travel for, is to learn from others, see new sights and connect to whatever makes you happy.   

Sitting down with a good book is one of life’s greatest pleasures. When you add Norms witty sense of humor it makes this book very easy to read. You chuckle out loud, even when someone is watching. When you least expect it, a little snicker reaches your heart and face as you are transported into another country. You are being drawn to explore the world the same way. You laugh at how they learn to roll with their misfortunes. Then again, the smirk reaches your lips when they succeed at overcoming them.  The characters become real to you, and you want to know them, as you become invested in their adventures.

Review written by: Lynn Pugsley

I really loved your “Nomadic Life for All Ages” book, and when I started to read it, it kept me awake until 1:00 a.m.! Usually travel diaries are interesting just for travelers, but not your book, Norm. I enjoyed every single page, and many times I thought, “Yes, exactly, I feel the same!” I discovered that we have travelled to many of the same places and I was curious of your opinions compared to ours. I liked the chapters about your Top 10 Places to Visit, your summaries of the years, and also the practical advice and tips. The personal stories from other nomads was interesting, fun, and instructive. You did amazing job and I’m sure it will bring you a lot of satisfaction.”

Review Written By: Daria Bontempi (Italy)

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Nothing fits better with this great read than a Black Manhattan with a Croatian amaro! Amaro is a sweet, more rounded alternative to red vermouth.

This cocktail also uses orange bitters in addition to the amaro. This Black Manhattan packs a heavier bite than a traditional Manhattan and we promise you’ll want more than one.

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