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NFTs: Limited Edition Lithographs and 1 of 1 Tokens

In the world of collectible-grade, photographic NFTs, the main thing you want to look at is the rarity and uniqueness of the image. You can always like an image simply because you like it, but you can also find something more valuable as a collectible based on the who, what, when, where and why the image was made.

Scarcity & Uniqueness

This will always dictate the value of any kind of artwork to a collector. Being able to have the 1 of 1000 pieces of anything is extremely valuable, but having 1 of 100 or 1 of 10 renders a piece even more valuable based strictly on the scarcity of the addition.

Should you be fortunate enough to get the number #1 piece or the number #13 piece of a collectible image on NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Dan Marino (he wore #13) then you would arguably have a much more valuable piece than the number #98, #99 or #100 out of a limited edition series of 100.

Many collectors look to game-a-fi their approach and dominate the first couple of pieces in a limited edition. The more you own of an early edition the more valuable each one becomes. In the case of a Britney Spears image, which was originally sold as a Limited Edition Lithograph that was signed by both Britney Spears and the photographer (that would be me). Southeby’s auctioned off a limited edition of the signed pieces and although they were not numbered, having one out of the collection gave you a valuable asset.

Scarcity and uniqueness is also determined by the fact that I was Britney Spears’ tour photographer during that period of time and there were only two other photographers with that gig. My images were also published in her authorize pictorial biography coffee table book called ‘Stages ‘and my images can be seen gracing the pages of many well-known magazines. 

That alone gives it the rarety, scarcity and uniqueness. A collector who purchases one of her NFTs will actually own a piece of photographic history and be able to monetize such a valuable asset.

1 of 1 Vs. Series

In the case of this Bruce Springsteen image, you might find it more valuable that his now wife Patty Scialfa, Guitarist ‘Miami’ Steven Van Zandt and Drummer Max Weinberg are all in the photo with him, or as a collector, you may wish to possess an image of just him alone. In either case, it’s what the collector deems valuable that will determine which image will be more sought after as a 1of 1 and which images will be sought after as the top three or four numbers in a series.

One considerable measure of value when it comes to which number you possess in a limited edition series is whether or not they go up in value after you purchased it. So another words, if you purchase the number one image and then people begin to buy number 2,3, 4 and 5 at higher price points, you may want to consider going back in buying number two and number three so that you have all three in a row or even 10 out of 10 in a series of 10 pieces.

NFTs Are Truly Priceless Works Of Art

Collectors of rare photographic NFTs are no different than collectors of priceless works of art. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the more iconic or moving an image or a painting may be, the more valuable it will become.

Passive Income With NFTs

In addition to the pride that comes from owning a low-numbered token is the potential to earn passive income. Owners of nonstock photographs are entitled to a share of the profits from the sale of their photograph. In other words, when you invest in a nonstock photograph, you will receive a share of the profits from all subsequent sales of that photograph. It’s like buying “stock” in a popular photograph. If others agree and purchase that photograph, then all the existing owners share in the profits. So when looking for an investment grade photograph, it pays to choose one that can put money back in your pocket (or wallet).

You simply may have been at one of the shows on the Britney Spears or Bruce Springsteen tour, or you might’ve watched Dan Marino break one of the all-time records in professional football and desire a photo from the year he accomplished those records. What one collector might deem to be valuable, another collector will undoubtedly deem not valuable. What you find sentimental or inspiring will also undoubtedly be found the same way by many others. Photographic NFTs are ‘stealing little pieces of time’ and it’s pretty cool that nowadays anybody can own a little piece of that time.

A coinbase wallet, metamask wallet and a trip to the Opensea store and you can be a part of the group of collectors. It’s not only piece of history, it’s an asset you can use to make money that gives you the ability to compete with collectors all over the world for the most prize one of ones or one of the thousands.

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Marc Serota
Marc Serota
As a Portrait photographer Marc Serota has lensed iconic athletes and celebrities for CORBIS and GETTY as well as major brands such as Sports Illustrated, ESPN, the NBA, NHL and the NFL. Serota is a renowned award winning photographer having logged 25+ years with news agencies such as REUTERS, Getty Images, The Associated Press and UPI shooting the biggest entertainment, news and sports stories from the early 1990’s to the present. Marc has covered numerous Super Bowls, Olympic games, NHL Stanley Cup’s, NASCAR races, ATP and PGA events. Visit Marc's website: marcserota.com. Follow Marc Serota @G_O_A_T_shooter on Twitter and @marcserota on Instagram.
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