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5 Great Movies For Retired People

For most of us, our love of movies started when we were children. But as with most things, our tastes changed when we got older. For instance, when I was a kid I used to think those old Beach Party movies with Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello were the best! Now I can see why they never actually won any Academy Awards.

These days, I usually find myself more interested in movies with more mature characters who are having experiences I can relate to or adventures I could only experience vicariously.

For a lot of retirees, watching a good movie is one of our favorite things to do. Right up there with spending time with our grandchildren and taking afternoon naps. So here are a few movies that are highly recommended for our specific and special demographic.

Our 5 Movies For Retired People

The Bucket List

If you’re feeling adventurous, then this movie just might motivate you to get off your keester and do something about it. The Bucket List is the story of an unlikely friendship between two terminally ill men who share a hospital room. They find that they have two more things in common: a desire to come to terms with themselves and a bucket list of things they want to do. Against their doctor’s advice, they break out and take off on a globetrotting adventure that will change the rest of their lives.

Screen legends Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman team up in this funny, poignant and inspirational film that proves it’s never too late to live your dreams and make things right.

The Sunshine Boys

The Sunshine Boys were a famous comedy team named Clark & Lewis, who broke up after 43 highly successful years together. After that, they went from being the biggest stars to the worst enemies and haven’t talked to each other in almost a dozen years. That’s when a major network tries to get them back together for one last legendary reunion on live TV. What could possibly go wrong?

Comedy greats George Burns and Walter Matthau are the cranky old odd couple in this hilarious and bittersweet story of friendship and growing old. Based on a hit Broadway play by Neil Simon, this film is overflowing with brilliant one-liners, colorful characters and spectacular performances. Get some of your closest friends together and get reunited with this comedy classic!


Up is another blockbuster animated classic from Pixar Studios that is loved by adults just as much as it is adored by children. It tells the tale of a 78-year old man who turns his house into an airship using thousands of colorful helium balloons. He’s flying solo on the adventure of a lifetime, until he discovers an 8-year old stowaway who turns it into a misadventure you’ll never forget.

You don’t have to be a cartoon lover to love Up. With the voices of Ed Asner and Christopher Plummer, this film will lift your spirits and melt your heart. It’s a combination of fantasy and humor that unexpectedly takes on real-life issues. It’s the perfect movie if you’re trying to find something to watch with your grandkids!

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 

This is a truly remarkable film where life begins at 60 and hope springs eternal. When a group of elderly British tourists travel to India, they wind up at a highly questionable resort. At first, this “hotel for the old and beautiful” appears to be a total disaster. But through their shared adventures in this strange and foreign land they will discover that it’s never too late for new experiences, if you’re willing to let go of the past.

Boasting an impressive cast of England’s finest actors lead by Dame Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Bill Nighy and Tom Wilkinson this art-house favorite will take you on an emotional and spirited journey. The locations are spectacular, the performances are delightful and the film will stay with you long after you’ve traveled home.

Parental Guidance  

If you have grandchildren, you will absolutely love this film. When their only daughter asks them to babysit her children for a few days, Diane and Artie are more than happy to help. Well, Diane is. Artie, not so much. What they didn’t realize was that their daughter still has a lot of unresolved childhood issues and that their three adorable grandkids would turn out to be such a handful!

The perfect pairing of Billy Crystal and Bette Midler make this a family film with a decidedly adult edge. It’s a comedy with a lot of heart, a lot of laughs and a lot of relatable moments.

Audiences of every age should see and would enjoy these movies. But for those of us of a certain age, they are required viewing. So check them out and let us know which ones you liked best or which ones we left off our list.

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