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Tech Toys For Big Boys

Technology has come up with some great inventions in recent times to keep life entertaining. New awe-inspiring inventions are here to make your life easier, more stimulating and more fun with everything from mechanical models to high-tech pillows.

It’s amazing how much work has been done to create toys and smart tech for the kid in all of us. So whether you like to party, stay in bed, do hands-on activities, or produce something amazing, we have the tech for you.

Ugears Mechanical Models

These intricate, self-propelled mechanical model kits will keep you entertained for hours, especially if you like building things. They are inspired by real mechanisms and are some of the most ingenious models. Spending an afternoon working on these mechanical models can be really fun, meticulous work.

If you love to spend time with your tools in the workshop creating then you need to invest in these models at once. Their intricate models include the Royal Carriage, Wolf 01 Handguns, Robot Factory, Locomotives, and many more different types.

Ugears also have coloring models which require little advanced technical skills. You can use these to have a wonderful afternoon with your grandkids while coloring and creating.

Hover Cameras

If you are thinking of traveling, you absolutely need to invest in the Hover Camera. This self-flying drone will accompany you on your travels taking pictures all the way.

You can come back to show amazing 4k pictures to your family and friends. This device is small and portable, meaning there is no need to travel with any heavy DSLR equipment. It will also connect to your phone so it’s not difficult to use either. 

It also detects movement so there is no need to worry about angles and distance. It sets itself just right to capture the perfect moment. Just connect to your Smartphone and click away.

Smart Pillows

You may find yourself tossing and turning during the night, but the new Zeeq Smart Pillow will solve that problem at once. It comes with a lot of different features to give you a great night’s rest. These include:

  • Wireless Music Streaming so you can go to sleep listening to soothing music that will ensure good dreams.
  • Snore Detection and Prevention is a great feature as many of us begin to develop sinus problems which can increase snoring. The pillow helps reduce snoring to give your partner a nice sleep as well.
  • Sleep Tracking and Analysis collects data that can help keep a tab on your sleep patterns. This will help you in the long run as it can keep a check on any medical problems you may begin to have while sleeping.
  • Partner Friendly Alarm Clocks are perfect for those of us who like getting up early to catch that beautiful sunrise or go for a nice walk in a local park.

So, gentlemen, whether you like to travel, create, or just stay in bed, there are plenty of tech toys out there for you to try. There will always be more inventions coming so keep an eye out for them and enjoy this amazing cutting-edge tech!

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