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5 Delicious And Affordable Whiskeys Every Man Should Know About

The Language Of Whiskey

Whiskey is truly a language all of its own. The bourbons, the ryes, the scotches and even the newly trending Japanese whiskeys. There is so much to know and no single person knows it all. Many whiskey drinkers find one they love and stick to it for years.

I encourage you to get weird and try something new. Try a whiskey you’ve been staring at on a shelf for a long time, but have been too afraid to commit to. Open your mind and open your palate and you might be surprised what takes you by surprise.

It’s not about cost- some of the pricier whiskeys are not the best I’ve ever had, and some of the lower cost ones have blown me away.

In this article we are sticking to bourbon, but stay tuned for recommendations on whiskeys in all of the other categories!

*If you don’t know the difference between all of the types of whiskey, check out this article that will break it down for you.

Buffalo Trace Bourbon

$24.99 – BevMo

This lower-priced bourbon has notes of buttery caramel, toasted nuts, and brown spices. It has intense spice aromas but is subtle enough to be used in a mixed drink or great as a slow sipper.


Michter’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon

$44.99 – Total Wine & More

Made from high quality American corn that starts sweet and finishes with a complex smokiness. This is great for sipping but also makes for a great old-fashioned because of it’s wood and maple finish.

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Larceny Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey

$46.99 – Total Wine & More

This whiskey uses wheat instead of rye as a third grain for distillation. Without the use of the traditional rye, there is a rounded, calmer flavor that will show less spice and wood. Great for a mixed cocktail or easy sipping.


Eagle Rare 10 Year Bourbon

$32.50 – Bitters & Bottles

This is a great whiskey for the price. Aged for 10 years, it has a well-rounded flavor with brown sugar and cinnamon. There is a warm cherry flavor on the finish, making it a delicious choice for a Manhattan.


Old Forester “1920” Prohibition Style Bourbon Whiskey

$54.99 – Wine.com

This bourbon will hit you with cherry, bitter dark chocolate and maple syrup. You will taste coriander and woodsy peppercorn on the nose and even a very subtle jalapeño and rosemary aroma. This is easy drinking for being 100 proof.


None of these whiskeys are over $50 and there is a chance you won’t love all 5, but I can guarantee you there is at least one that you will be surprised by. Life is short- buy the bottle and try something new!

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