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A Great New Sense of Purpose: Older Adults And Children

A Sense Of Purpose Working With Children

According to a new Stanford research study, older adults need to volunteer towards causes that have them spend more time with children. The research states that both sides will gain from this relationship and will induce betterment in the society as a whole.

Many vulnerable children lack the necessary attention that is required from their parents. Gadgets and gizmos tend to induce a temporary escape for them, which quickly turns into a permanent gap in communication.

The Importance And Significance Of Grandparents

sense of purpose

A Stanford psychology professor, who was involved in the research, said that older people may just be the resources these children need. This is so because, as we age, we induct complex emotional skills and problem-solving into our personalities.

This form of advanced empathy, mixed with extra time on our hands, is exactly what parents tend to lack. This is where we see grandparents come to the rescue. These older adults are perfectly suited and welcomed by the youth for engagement and activities. Food for thought: what if you could be a grandparent to those who have lost theirs?

As for us older adults, we seek emotional satisfaction from relationships with the young generations.

The Mutual Benefits Of These Relationships

Why can’t this be a new purpose in our lives? It was found that these associations between the young and older generations, induces stimulation towards better health and cognitive performance.

While our experience in life has the ability to bring out the best in today’s youth, these children have the purity which could bring us satisfaction. This mutual benefit is a great reason to be a part of programs which connect the two.

The Importance Of A Parental Figure

A step further into the problems of the youth, you will find those who are underprivileged. These children are in a deeper abyss than not receiving the right care and supervision from their parents. Many of them may lack resources which secure a healthy future, or simply don’t have someone they can call a parent.

These budding souls can be brought to the light of a normal life with the help of some older people who are economically stable. A worthy education along with something that represents parental love can bring abundance into their lives.

There is also no need to go into the complexities of adoption. Any platform which promotes this interaction can be undertaken as a new purpose in life. It is also a fact that older people do not volunteer as much as young adults. This is because they need something meaningful and fulfilling in their lives. This opportunity is worthy and may offer an abundance of missing elements in our hearts.

Parents play a critical role in the daily lives of these children, but you don’t have to be every child’s parent to show them a bit of affection and support.

These children can be lovely companions who have the ability to effectuate any stones that may have been left unturned in your childhood. There may also be a second chance to make up for some of the mistakes you made in your own days of parenting. Ironically, the study conducted by Stanford was named “Pass It On.” We should, shouldn’t we?

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