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Embracing Technology: 6 Helpful Health Apps For Baby Boomers

Mobile Health Apps Know No Age

More often than not, baby boomers are not the intended targets of the high-tech producers, but technology really does have something for everyone! Now there are mobile apps that are specifically designed to help those of us who could use a little extra help.

There are mobile applications that you can easily use, even if you are in your 80s. Here is a list of health apps that you should consider downloading on your phone.

The Health Apps You Should Try

Lumosity: Brain Training

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Lumosity is a free health app for iPhone users that will help you keep your mind as sharp as ever. The aging process often affects memory but, just like physical exercise keeps your body active, mental exercises will keep your brain fit. With Lumosity, you can train your brain to grasp and remember information by playing hundreds of games and puzzles that are specially designed by neuroscientists to improve memory.

Emergency Sharing On Apple And Android

Emergency sharing is a mobile phone feature that can save your life. It can be especially useful for you if you live alone or like to travel on your own. This application lets you save three emergency contact numbers. In case of an emergency, you simply need to activate the feature on your device and your phone will send a notification to the predetermined emergency contacts. Alert will send a text to the listed contacts along with your exact GPS location so that they can easily locate you. The best part is that it’s free with a working cell phone and mobile plan!


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GoodRx is a free app designed to save you money by helping you spend less on your medications. The app works by comparing prices of prescribed drugs from over 60,000 pharmacies to find you the best price. Consumers can save up to 80% on prescriptions! GoodRx is an excellent app but never switch your medicines without first checking with your doctor.


PillBoxie is a medication tracker app that reminds you to take your medicines at the scheduled times so you don’t miss a dosage. Its simple and easy-to-use graphics lets you classify your medication by color and drag them into the pillbox compartments. It makes your life a lot easier by simplifying your prescription schedule. 

Voice Dream Reader

Eyesight often deteriorates with age and it becomes difficult to read the small font on your phone. If this is the case for you, consider using the Voice Dream app. The app reads text aloud from the Internet, your messages and emails. You can choose from a variety of languages and accents, and even set the reading pace. You can also use Voice Dream for checking messages and e-mail while driving.


If you avoid reading menus and newspapers because the font is too small then you need to download EyeReader. This app magnifies the text for you. Simply hold your phone over whatever you wish to read and the app will enlarge it for you. Moreover, if the lights are too dim to read, simply use this app to light up the text on your screen.

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