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The Great Manscape Debate

We are living in a time when our country finds itself deeply divided over almost every issue. It seems there is nothing everyone can agree on anymore. We argue about everything – politics, social injustice, the economy, Civil War statues, vaccines, face masks even the color of this stupid dress!

“The Dress” – Viral Internet Sensation

Case in point; a few weeks ago Manopause.com posted an ad for “Manscaped” on our Facebook page, but we never expected it would become such a controversial issue. We received a surprising amount of argumentative comments for and against this perfectly benign product. And since some of them were pretty funny, we thought we’d share them with you. So while America awaits the next debasing debate between our presidential candidates, we offer you The Great Manscape Debate! (With comments quoted directly from our Facebook page.)

Pretty sure adult men and women are supposed to have hair down there. I don’t go in for the pre-schooler look. I like knowing I’m with a grown woman and I hope they like knowing their with an adult male.

Okay Boomer 😂

You can keep your nasty forests. I’ll be sending them chicks home.

What’s wrong with adult humans looking like adult humans?

Men are supposed to have hair.

Do you get a haircut? If so, no reason not to trim the bush!

What does one have to do with the other? Since when is it masculine for men to have long hair like women?

Since when is it masculine to look like Sasquatch?

This is new gen crap, never once did i feel the need to shave my balls and put on a dress and earrings like these young males like to do to get attention cause they got no attention as a child. so sad

WOW! That was a lot of bullshit filled drama queening. 😂

Hey young guy, one of the key advantages to being a man is not getting bogged down with such nonsense in the first place. Other than washing the St. Bernard, there’s no reason to give it a poodle cut too.

And from the price you want for the damned thing you should do it while I kick back and have a cocktail and give it a nice wash and dry when you’re done.

So don’t buy it nobody’s forcing you to.

Did it effing sound like I was gonna buy it!

If you can’t find it trim and search again.

NOPE not going to happen EVER!

I was walking around like I just stepped out of a ’70s porn movie, until I got hip to manscaping.

Who needs all that garb. A weed wacker will do the trick.

lol….really…i’ve been shaving down there for over 20 yrs…..and don’t use any soap, cream, etc…just a dry shave with a USED disposable razor!!!!

That thing would break the first time I tried it on your Chewbacca body 😂😂😂

Don’t mow it, grow it.

Which reminds me… Know where I can sell beard material?

And there you have it, a microcosm of our argumentative society – a metaphor for our national discourse – and social media at its finest! It just goes to show how we can’t even agree on the littlest things anymore. Not even pubic hairs.

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