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10 Best Gifts For Mom: 2021 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day! It’s here again, only this year those mothers can live it up! Carefully. And the last thing they want is a lame Mother’s Day gift!

Remember, not that long ago, gifts on Mother’s Day tended to be for the whole family: Vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, irons. Imagine the silent rage! Well, we’ve come a long way, baby! Today’s mothers expect, and deserve, a Mother’s Day gift that they want!

So, after polling women across the planet (or at least ones we know!) Manopause.com has found 10 Mother’s Day gifts that will win every mother’s gratitude and love. Ignore these at your own peril!

Mother’s Day Winning Gifts

1) Rifle Paper Co. Tumbler From Corkcicle $34.95

Mother's Day

Whether mothers are running errands, dashing off to work, or just having some alone time, a nice cup of hot tea or coffee can make everything a little better. The Rifle Paper Co. Tumbler from Corkcicle has 3 layers of insulation to keep that beverage hot, or cold, for hours. No more guzzling–it’s sipping time! It has a slip-proof bottom and a shatterproof lid. And, it comes in a variety of floral pattern finishes, like this relaxing hydrangea pattern. And best of all, the feminine mystique will guarantee Dad doesn’t abscond with it! It’s a Mother’s DayGift she’ll love!

2) Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer $399

Mother's Day

When guys hear Dyson, they think vacuum cleaners. NO! No vacuum cleaners! That’s not a Mother’s Day Gift!

This Dyson hair dryer is revolutionary! It protects hair from extreme heat damage while offering fast hair drying and styling capability. According to Dyson, this Supersonic Hair Dryer “increases smoothness by 75%, increases shine by up to 132%, and decreases frizz and flyaways by up to 61%.” How could it not with Supersonic in its name? And that color! Winner, winner!

3) Brooklinen Bed Sheets From $99

Mother's Day

There’s an old Mother’s Day saying that goes “A happy mother is better than the other!” Getting a good night’s sleep helps. Spoil her with some exceptional bedsheets from Brooklinen. Whether it’s the cool and crisp Percale or the buttery smooth Luxe Sateen, mama’s going to slip into the sweetest slumber she can remember. No more scratchy or stiff bedding for her! It’s luxury at its best! And Dad gets to enjoy them too!

4) Bala Bangles $49

I’m sorry, what? That’s right, Bala Bangles. Straight out of “Shark Tank,” these fashionable wrist weights are the latest, greatest fitness accessory. They come in tons of fun colors and a variety of weights, and because they’re so stylish, she can almost wear them anywhere! So mom can shape and tone those biceps and triceps while she’s directing employees at work or telling Dad to take out the garbage! And with those newly shredded guns, they’ll listen!

5) The Perfect Everyday Hoodie Jacket From Vuori $89

Comfort and style. That’s what mothers want. This versatile lightweight hoodie jacket from Vuori fits the bill! It’s great for traveling, hiking, everyday activities, or just hanging around the house. It’s supersoft and comes in a variety of colors. Now that’s a Mother’s Day gift she’ll use for a long time!

6) Away Travel Luggage $245

Yellow Away Travel Suitcase Carry On Luggage Valentine's Day Gift

We’re all starting to plan trips again, and some fresh, new, durable, and stylish luggage is in order. There are so many choices available, but Away Travel has some of the highest-rated, most durable luggage out there. They are lightweight, have a built-in compression system, a hidden laundry bag, a built-in battery option, and 360-degree 4-wheel spinners that make this the perfect travel piece for short or long trips! And they have a 100 day return guarantee for almost any reason, including changing the color! It’s a great Mother’s Day gift for now and the future!

7) Greendrop Compression Gear $19.99 – 24.99

Hopefully you’re going to get that special more than one Mother’s Day gift. If she is complaining of sore muscles and joints, either because of regular workouts or just wear and tear, get her Greendrop Compression Gear!

They’re revolutionary new compression garments that are infused with herbal ingredients like camphor and wintergreen that soothe sore muscles and joints while delivering optimal compression for improved circulation and faster healing! The herbal infusion will last for over 40 wash cycles, and the compression dynamics for even more! Check out the knee and elbow sleeves and the compression socks. She’ll thank you!

8) Spa & Wellness Gift Card $$-$$$$

As a rule, gift cards for Mother’s Day are a No-No. It’s lazy. But, spas are open again, and she will love a day of pampering without you and the kids or grandkids. A Spa & Wellness Mother’s Day Gift Card is welcome at over 9,000 locations around the country! So all you have to do is check out the nicest spa near you, see how much their best treatment or experience costs, and order the card! Maybe put it in a nice box with some pretty paper just to sweeten the deal!

9) Mirror By Lululemon $1,499

Over the last year, we’ve learned to do a lot of things at home, from watching movies to exercising. For many activities, we want to get back out in the world, but maybe not to a sweaty gym. The Mirror by Lululemon is an at-home gym on the wall that lets mom do cardio, yoga, boxing and more with personal instruction and in a class setting!

No more making excuses about the hassle of driving to a class or the gym! It’s right there, hanging on the wall, enticing her to exercise! Whether your favorite mother is an exercise fiend or not, The Mirror is a great Mother’s Day gift to help her stay healthy and fit for many Mother’s Day celebrations to come.

10) Flowers From The Bouqs $50 – $$$

“I don’t need flowers, really!” More dangerous words have never been uttered before Mother’s Day! She wants flowers! She needs flowers! So get her flowers! But not supermarket, last minute, die-tomorrow flowers. There are beautiful arrangements at The Bouqs that can be delivered right to your door or her office! Ordering a nice bouquet ahead of time shows you were thinking about her and a Mother’s Day gift well ahead of time.

So there you have it! 10 great Mother’s Day gifts for that special mother in your life! You can’t go wrong with any of them, and she’ll know that you care! Happy Mother’s Day, moms!

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Larry Pollack
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