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12 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him And Her

Let’s face it. Valentine’s Day is a pain in the ass. It’s a made-up holiday designed to guilt mostly men, and some women, into buying cards and flowers and chocolates and whatever for their significant other to signify their love. And woe to the man who forgets. And double woe to the man who actually believes his significant other when they say: “You don’t have to get me anything.”

The Manopause.com Team has decided to pick some winning Valentine’s Day gifts that you can get her, she can get you, or you can get for both of you! We’re all about peace and love and tranquility, despite the monsters who conceived this holiday from hell.

4 Valentine’s Day Gifts To Get The Woman In Your Life

A Bouquet Of Red Roses

Yes, I know that’s a Valentine’s Day cliché, but flowers are a must! Have them delivered to the house. Even better, if she still goes to a workplace in these pandemic times, send them there so all her co-workers can see what a special man you are! And remember, RED roses.

Red Roses Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Check out Bouqs.com for great prices and selection!

Candles By Nest New York

Candles? Yes, candles are a thing. The variety of shapes, fragrances, and prices is staggering, so we’ll try to make this easy. Make sure you know, or find out, which scents she hates or gets an allergic reaction to before you buy.

Candle on counter from Nest New York

A popular and neutral scent is lavender, known to create a sense of calm and well-being! Who doesn’t want that? Candles make great Valentine’s Day gifts!

A Leather Bag From Mark & Graham

Just like guys collect watches or golf clubs, women collect bags. There are small totes, big totes, clutches, beach bags, work bags, and backpacks. I’m sure I missed some, but you get it. There’s always a need for a new bag.

Mark & Graham Brown Leather Bag

Check out Mark & Graham for a wide selection of styles and prices. You can even get it monogrammed!

Delicious Munchies From Fountain Gifts

It doesn’t always have to be chocolate! We all get cravings, sometimes for sweet, sometimes for salty. Fountaingifts.com has an excellent variety of edibles (no, not those) for every palate. And even though it’s for her, I’m sure she’ll share!

Sweet and Salty Snacks From Fountain Gifts

I’ll take those Fatty Sundays!

4 Valentine’s Day Gifts Men Should Ask For

Manscaped: Grooming Tools For Men

Hear me out. More and more men of all ages are trimming the bush, thinning the hedge, cutting the curlies. Even Gronkowski and the UFC fighters are going clean! What, they’re not manly enough for you? She wants you to clear the debris and let her bask in the smoothness of your junk, but she may be afraid to tell you. Tell her you want it!

Manscaped is the leader in men’s grooming technology–no slicing or dicing with the Lawnmower, just smooth skin. They also make the Weed Whacker to remove those disgusting nosehairs that seem to accumulate debris at the worst times. Tweezing hurts like &@#*! The Weed Whacker smoothly trims the nostrils so your special someone doesn’t have to look away at dinner! Get 20% off at Manscaped!

A Real Watch By Hamilton

When was the last time you wore a nice watch? The Apple Watch is great, but there’s something about a real watch that says cool. For most men, it is the only piece of jewelry they wear. There are a lot of nice watches out there that aren’t ridiculously expensive and look great. I recommend the Hamilton Jazzmaster GMT automatic!

Hamilton Jazzmaster Automatic Watch

It’s a self-winding watch (no battery needed), looks great casual or dressed up, and has a GMT feature that allows you to set other times zones so no matter where in the world you are, you know what time it is at home!

Theragun Percussive Massager

Manly men need this. As you fulfill your resolution to get in shape, you’re going to get aching muscles and joints. The Theragun Percussive Therapy deep muscle massager is used by trainers and physical therapists to relieve pain and stiffness from a variety of causes. Therapy devices make great Valentine’s Day gifts!

Theragun Deep Tissue Massager

Professional athletes swear by this massager, but even if you don’t work out vigorously, the Theragun relaxes tight and sore muscles to help you do your normal everyday activities!

A New Golf Driver From TaylorMade

New technology abounds in the golf world. Between new materials, shapes, and shafts, there’s almost a new driver every day! And what guy doesn’t want to have the latest greatest technology? Tell her you want the new TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver! It looks cool, feels light, and should lengthen your drives!

TaylorMade Golf Driver

No guarantee in what direction those drives will go–that’s on you!

4 Valentine Gifts You Can Share

Away Travel Luggage

We’ll all be traveling again soon, so maybe it’s time to get some new luggage! There are so many choices available, but Away Travel has some of the highest-rated, most durable luggage out there. They are lightweight, have a built-in compression system, a hidden laundry bag, a built-in battery option, and 360-degree 4-wheel spinners that make this the perfect travel piece for short or long trips!

Yellow Away Travel Suitcase Carry On Luggage Valentine's Day Gift

The polycarbonate material is dent and scratch-resistant. I fancy the yellow because it’s easy to pick out among the sea of black luggage in case you check it!

Portable Gym By Body Boss

What a great way to help each other stay in shape! A portable gym that you can use at home and take when you travel, and it’s great for men or women. One of the most popular portable gyms is the Body Boss 2.0. It allows you do do almost every workout you could do at the gym with big, bulky machines, yet it stores away easily. It’s why we consider it one of our top Valentine’s Day gifts!

Body Boss 2.0 Portable Home Gym

This is a gift that will keep on giving!

A Comfortable ThumbUnited Hoodie

We’re all going casual most of the time these days, and nothing is more flexible when you’re out and about than a comfortable hoodie jacket. One of the best for men and women is made by Thumb United. Why is it one of the best? It’s super soft, with an eye to fit and fashion. And, it has tons of internal pockets for your cell phone, wallet, keys, important papers, you name it! And without looking bulky!

These are also great for travel!

Yeti Rambler Insulated Coffee Mug

Coffee, coffee, coffee! We love it. But unless you chug it, it’s usually cold before you finish it. Having a good insulated mug let’s you sip at your leisure, keeping every sip as warm and delicious as the one before. We recommend the Yeti Rambler 12oz mug with the hotshot cap.

Yeti Rambler Insulated Mug

The hotshot cap allows you to drink from anywhere on the lid! It’s great for tea or hot chocolate too!

These Top 12 Valentine’s Day gifts were carefully selected so you can avoid last minute shopping or the wrath of the ungifted significant other! Good luck and happy shopping!

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