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22 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Men And Women That Will Not Disappoint

Another year around the sun and we are all flailing to find the perfect gift for our significant other this Valentine’s Day. Is a health and fitness gift insulting? Are flowers cliche? Is lingerie trashy? Does he really need another watch? Ugh, the pressure!

That’s where Manopause.com comes in. We are here to share the perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day that both men and women will love. From health tracking tools, to gifts for a home bar, we’ve got you covered. Don’t waste your money on gifts they will never use. Trust us now and thank us later.šŸ˜‰

The Best Gifts For The Active Man

Time to get to shopping and find the perfect gift for the one you love.

Loftie Smart Alarm Clock

Stop using your smart phone as an alarm and get acquainted with Loftie. The internet’s most popular smart alarm clock will change how you sleep. Once you put your phone down, you can really focus on what matters and that is quality sleep. Music, meditations and bedtime stories are accessible right from your device.

Loftie has a library of nature sounds, white noise and even a subtle nightlight if you want it. The clocks two-phase alarm mimics your body’s natural waking process and uses sounds that are not your traditional alarm clock. Get ready to sleep better than ever with the Loftie Smart Alarm Clock.

$149 – byloftie.com

Masienda Tortilla Starter Kit

Whether you’re a confident kitchen dweller or you’re looking for an exciting reason to get in there and whip up something tasty, Masienda is changing Taco Tuesday forever.

$115 – Masienda.com

Rabbit Liquor Infusing Decanter

If you’re looking for a unique gift, look no further. This Rabbit infusing decanter allows you to transform spirits into original flavors in the comfort of your own home. With a removable basket, you can add herbs, spices, fruits and vegetable for a Ā taste you’ll never forget.

Want a spicy garlic vodka for bloody marys? How about a jalapeƱo tequila for spicy margs? This infuser will help you make your cocktail dreams some true. With your own creativity and the recipe book that included, you’re guaranteed some awesome experiments and mouthwatering flavors. A gift so cool you’ll want one for yourself.

$100 – Amazon.com

BruviĀ® BV-01 Brewer

Not only does it have stylish and sleek design, but the Bruvi Brewer can make coffee, espresso and even cold brew coffee. Connect your Bruvi to your mobile device and start a brew with a single tap on your phone. You will also get a hygienic brew that avoids flavor cross contamination between different brews. .

With a variety of strengths, temperatures and brew sizes, you can get the perfect custom cup o’ joe every morning! *Works exclusively with Bruvi B-PodsĀ®, sold separately.

$373 – Bruvi.com

Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones

If anyone knows sound quality, it’s Bose. With world-class noise cancellation, you’ll hear sound you can touch. With luxe materials and elevated design, these headphones will deliver sound tailored to you. With up to 24 hours of play, you can experience an uninterrupted escape.

Bose Immersive Audio will give you sound that takes you somewhere else. Plus, these headphones are so comfortable you will forget you’re wearing them. Offered in three great colors, there is a style for every audiophile.

$429 – Bose.com

Wonder Ovenā„¢ by Our Place

What started with a pan is now a kitchen empire, bringing you everything you need to build your culinary journey. This 6-in-1 air fryer and toaster oven with steam infusion does it all. Conveniently sized for your counter, this all-in-one appliance will preheat 75% faster and cook 30% faster than traditional ovens.

With the capability to cook two tiers of food or a 4.5lb chicken, you can easily make dinner in a flash without ever firing up the full-sized oven. This multifunctional design is petite but powerful and is a great stylish addition to your kitchen.

$195- ourplace.com

Extra Large Landon Carryall Bag – Dagne Dover

This 35.2 L carry on bag is perfect for wherever you’re going. It comes with a 16″ laptop sleeve, a built in sleeve for sliding over your suitcase handle, and an exterior phone pocket. With a 10″ handle drop and detachable crossbody strap, you can hang it over your shoulder or carry by hand when running through the airport.

Offered in 6 neoprene colors and 3 air mesh colors, there are plenty of options to suit your taste. Plus, if the extra large is too big for your needs, Dagne Dover offers this bag in 4 smaller sizes. They really do make this bag in a perfect fit for whoever you are and wherever you’re going.

$125-245 – Dagnedover.com

Pickleball Paddle Bundle by Recess

These composite paddles have a durable fiberglass surface with a high quality honeycomb core. Not only are they cool looking, but they are well made for all levels of pickleball players. You can mix and match designs, too!

In this bundle you will also receive a set of pickleball balls in the color of your choice and a court bag for helping to hold all of your equipment on your way to the courts!

$200 – recesspickleball.com

America The Beautiful Pass 2023/24

If you want a gift that is unique, will bring lasting joy and experiences you can’t buy at a store, this is it. The American The Beautiful Pass is your ticket to more than 2,000 federal recreation sites across the country, including all of our national parks.

Yellowstone, Zion, Grand Teton, and so many more! The memories you can make with this pass are immeasurable. The pass will get you into any of our parks along with all of the passengers in your vehicle! Memories with the kids, grandkids and whichever friends you deem worthy. Plus, 10% of pass proceeds go to organizations dedicated to the outdoors. Do good and see the world. What a gift.

$79.99 – REI.com

Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

Many people who love to read are against reading on a screen and much prefer the tangibility of paper pages. All we have to say is don’t knock it until you try it! With over 100 million sold, they must be on to something!

From reading at the beach, without that awful sun glare, to quietly reading in bed next to your partner without waking them, the Kindle Paperwhite is an awesome gift. E-books are less expensive than physical books, so a reader can blow through titles all while saving money. Once you buy one as a gift, we’re sure you’ll want one for yourself.

$139.99 – Amazon.com

Brooklinen Weighted Throw Blanket

Weighted blankets are all the rage and there is a reason why. This 12lb. blanket from Brooklinen will wrap you in comfort with its breathable textured cotton. The weight of this blanket feels like a hug as soon as you drape it over yourself.

Known to promote sleep and reduce anxiety, there’s a reason these blankets are more popular than ever. Brooklinen’s blanket is filled with tiny glass beads, which are better for the environment. They really think of everything.

$169 – Brooklinen.com

Oura Smart Ring Gen3

Monitoring your fitness, health, sleep and stress with a simple ring? Oura’s mission is to improve the way we live our lives by tracking our sleep and physical activity. With just a ring on a single finger, you will receive daily monitoring in your Oura app and personalized guidance that continues to improve as your Oura ring gets to know you.

With a daily sleep score from 1-100 using your sleep phases, body temp, and heart rate, you will be able to see how your daily and nightly habits can affect your sleep quality. Should you skip the Red Bull after lunch next time? Oura will tell you. Want to know how long your body takes to recover from that workout or how productive it was? Oura will tell you.

Are you someone who needs an accountability partner for workout? You can share your health info with friends and family, if that’s your thing. Oura really does it all.

$349 – ouraring.com

Anker NEBULA Capsule, Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector

This portable projector is what dreams are made of. Both Anker and Nebula products are always well made and this is no exception. With a 100 inch picture and 4 hour playtime, this projector is perfect for summer nights outside or winter nights indoors.

This device is about the same size as a can of soda and features a 360Ā° speaker. With portability and a great picture there’s so much joy packed into this small device.

$249.99 – Amazon.com

Apple Watch Series 8 (GPS 45mm)

You can’t walk into a room without seeing someone wearing an Apple Watch. Every time Apple launches a new version, the watch mentors your health even more closely. The newest version includes: Activity Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Oxymeter (SpO2), ECG, Body Temperature Monitor, Fall Detection, and an SOS Button.

The watch is smart enough to know if the person wearing it falls and will alert emergency services. You can monitor your blood oxygen levels and if you wear the watch while sleeping you will wakeup with a full sleep breakdown and chart. This is a great tool for all around health monitoring and it’s also just convenient for alerting you of messages and calls. Simply put, everyone should have an Apple Watch.

$359 – Amazon.com

Blendjet 2 Portable Blender

Picture this: you’re on the go and given the freedom to blend up a healthy smoothie anywhere, anytime. Or, you’re home and mixing margaritas poolside. The possibilities are endless when your blender is portable! With a USB rechargeable power source, you don’t have to worry about running through batteries.

Offered in 26 colors/patterns, there is one for every person’s taste! Blendjet also offers Ā jetpacks to make easy and delicious smoothies Ā and shakes anywhere you go. Plus, the Blendjet 2 is self cleaning with a little soap and water. This is convenience at it’s finest.

$59.95 – Blendjet.com

Monarch Complete Pickleball Game Set

This all in one package includes a pickleball net, two wooden paddles, two balls and a carrying case for the net and equipment. Wooden paddles are great for beginners until you’re ready to upgrade to a professional paddle.

Having your own net is also a huge advantage for practicing and playing anywhere, on different courts. When you have all the necessary equipment, nothing can stop you from your love of playing pickleball!

$59.99 – dickssportinggoods.com

The California Wine Club

California wine club

Head over to cawineclub.com and you will see plenty of wine education and a blog that answers wine questions you didn’t even know you had! They offer a wine club, perfect gifts for any occasion and an online store for when you just want to try something new or need an extra bottle.

Members can get 6 or 12 bottle shipments with a $1 shipping fee. They also have the ability to split your order with more red or white wine, based on what wines you’re favoring right now. The best perk? They’ll refund a wine if you simply dislike it!

$43.45 – cawineclub.com

Skylight Digital Frame

This amazing digital picture frame will be a gift that keeps on giving. Skylight’s WiFi allows family and friends to email and upload photos with ease, so you never miss a moment.

Everyone will love this frame in the office or at home to see the latest pictures of family, friends, kids,and grandkids no matter where they are! Plus, that family group chat might see a little action when everyone can upload their own photos!

$159.99 – Amazon

Sonos Roam Ultra Portable Indoor/Outdoor Smart Speaker

Sonos is known for high quality audio products for home theaters and now for portable speaker systems. The Roam wireless speaker has incredible sound, is water and dust proof for indoor and outdoor use, and has a rechargeable battery that lasts for 10 hours!

The Sonos Roam portable speaker automatically connects to your WiFi network at home and pairs with your device when you’re away. And it uses automatic Trueplay tuning technology that adapts the sound to your surrounding environment. This is a great stocking stuffer for anyone on your list, and works great for an office, an outdoor party, or travel.

$179 – Sonos

Masterclass All Access Pass

Henry Ford said, “Anyone who keeps learning is young.” The Masterclass All Access Pass opens up a world of learning in almost any field you can imagine: Arts and Entertainment, Business, Music, Writing, Science and so much more.

Taught by acknowledged experts in their fields, you have access to minds that have helped shape our lives. A great gift for any age that will keep on giving!

$15/mo. Billed Annually

Mano Hemp Rapid Relief

At this point, weā€™ve all had too many knocks to count, but none of us have the time to be sidelined by sore muscles and achy joints. That’s where Mano Hemp Relief Topical Roll On with 2500mg Hemp Isolate comes in!

Perfect for recovering from adventurous times outdoors or a wrong twist indoors– Mano Hemp Rapid Relief with hemp isolate roll-on kicks the crap out of muscle pain. Our XTRA STRENGTH RAPID PAIN RELIEF ROLL-ON instantly relieves your toughest aches and pains.

$59.99 – Amazon

Therabody Percussive Massagers

Theragun has changed your at home massage experience. It is a percussive deep tissue massage gun, and will help you recover from your hardest workouts and even assist from regular aches and pains from daily life. It also connects to a Therabody app to run personalized wellness routines based on your patterns.

With a variety of attachments and types of Theragun tools, you can find something for everyone. If you want a compact percussive massager that can easily fit in your gym bag or briefcase then go for the mini. It packs all the punch with a compact size.

$199-299 – Therabody.com

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