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5 Great Brands Of Sunglasses For Middle-Aged Men

Let’s face it, sunglasses make everyone look cool. They are the greatest fashion accessory of all time! They are the only fashion accessory that flatter both men and women, and are also functional. Other than watches. And maybe fanny packs. Although, fanny packs go in and out in of style almost as fast as Kanye West.

While sunglasses protect our eyes from the glare of the sun and keep us from squinting like we lost our prescription glasses, they also have other advantages. A cool pair of shades can change our whole look, and transform our personality too. They can make us feel like we’ve put on a disguise that hides who we really are and turns us into one of the cool guys.

There’s another advantage that we don’t usually talk about, which is that they allow us to check out the opposite sex without being obvious. It’s almost like having a super power, like invisibility or x-ray vision. You can pretend you’re looking at one thing, while you’re really looking at another. You guys know what I mean.

Some people love sunglasses so much that they get carried away and wear them indoors. And in case you didn’t know, wearing sunglasses indoors does not make you look cool. They just make you look like a douche. So don’t do it. Unless you’re a douche. That way everybody will know right away.

Sunglasses don’t just make young men look cool. They’re actually extra effective on middle-aged men. Not only can they add style and panache to any look, but they can also hide the wrinkles and bags and dark circles that us guys don’t get to cover-up with make-up. Which might actually be the only good reason to wear them indoors.

So here are five must-have brands of sunglasses for men in their 50s and beyond:

Cubitts Handmade Sunglasses

At 50, men require something extraordinary and unique, as well as trendy,  to add the much-needed spark to their personality. Cubitts’ frames happen to provide just that. This relatively new brand takes its frames through 50 production stages over a period of six weeks, followed by four additional stages for polishing! If that isn’t enough precision to uplift the image, style and personality of a 50-year-old man then what is?

Kirk Originals

This British brand takes 72 hours to produce a pair of shades. With their sleek finish and broad frames, a Kirk Original is the pair you want to wear this summer. All frames offer maximum UV protection and are designed in the traditional fashion of the ’50s and ’60s. What the brand says about its sunglasses is absolutely true—Kirk Originals has distinctive styles for strong characters.


A brand that needs no introduction, Cartier’s shades evoke luxury and the brand’s famous prestige. If you want to add a subtle, sophisticated accessory to your collection, then this is the one you must consider. Cartier’s signature C De frames offer a sharp look and perfect fit for all seasons.

Tom Ford

Designer Tom Ford is synonymous with class, style and making an impression. His highly talked-about brand is committed to meticulousness. Ford takes the classic wayfarer design and gives it a modern touch. Stylishly crafted with subtle shades of light grey, a Tom Ford style is an all-year favorite, complementing business and casual wear. 


Developed in 1917 in Italy for pilots and sports drivers, Persol sunglasses epitomize class and elegance. Oh and Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, Leo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling , Jay Z and George Clooney have all worn Persols. Enough said.

You can buy the coolest and most expensive shades in the world, but you also have to know how to wear them properly. Men should never wear them on top of their head. That’s a look that only women can pull off. But men can look extra cool peering over a pair that’s resting casually on the tip of their nose. Practice this look in the mirror until you get it right. Just don’t let your wife catch you doing it.

The best thing about sunglasses is that when the sun is shining, they’re a functional fashion accessory for all seasons. After 50, they’ll protect your eyes, enhance your image and make you feel way cooler than you really are!

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