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Aging Gracefully: 4 Habits To Lose When You Get Older

If you haven’t turned 50 yet – then get ready! As anyone who’s already hit the half century mark can tell you, you’re going to reach a milestone that’s going to seriously mess with your mind and your body. But look at the bright side. Being over 50 these days is nothing like being over 50 was for our parent’s generation. Just look back at some of those old photos of them when they were the age you are now. I bet they look at least 10 years older than you do! It makes you wonder what our kids are going to look like when they’re our age.

Here’s an obvious secret for getting older – age gracefully. It’s not as hard as you might think. Just don’t be in denial and stop fighting the inevitable. You can totally own your age when you exude self-confidence rather than copying trends popular with younger guys.

However, not every middle aged man can handle getting older with style. That’s why a lot of guys in this age group succumb to a midlife crisis. You can find lots of articles about what to do to keep yourself feeling young as you grow older. But this article is going to tell you a few things NOT to do to after you pass a certain age.

Do Not Take Ecstasy

We’re talking about maintaining poise as you grow older. And taking ecstasy, or any recreational drug, definitely does not ratchet up the cool factor. Act your age. There are so many things that could go wrong. First, you’d probably have a hard time finding the drug. Even if you do, you should be aware of the effects it will have on you. For instance, it will make you rave endlessly to your wife or partner about how much you love her, like a man who has fallen in love for the first time. If you have any kids, they’ll cringe with embarrassment. To be honest, at our age, it’s the worst impression we can leave on people, so don’t try to pretend you’re still young—you’re a mature confident man at this age, act like one. In short, ecstasy is off the table guys!

Do Not Travel Like A Backpacker

By the time you turn 50, or even well before, you’ll be expected to travel for business or job demands. Travel around the world all you have to, but just don’t stuff your backpack and stay in a youth hostel hanging out with a bunch of 18-year-olds. It’s just plain creepy and it will make others think you’re not financially sound. For men over 50, it’s always a five star hotel. It’s about time you learn to bear an expense that sends the right message about you.

Do Not Wear Shorts And Cool T-shirts

The one thing that you must learn at our age is how to dress up and avert fashion disasters. You’re a big boy now, say no to wearing shorts in the city and avoid being seen in a baseball cap. If it’s a hot day, buy a pair of cotton chinos and stick to it. Similarly, throw out all your cool t-shirts with printed funky one-liners on them. You won’t get any younger by wearing those. It’s time for you to wear superior quality plain t-shirts in cosmopolitan colors. Nothing else!

Do Not Flirt With Young Women

We all want to believe that “we’ve still got it,” whatever “it” was. But the truth is, we probably never really had “it.” At least, not the way we like to think we did. Most men tend to romanticize or exaggerate their own past sexual exploits when they get older, and then we start to panic when we think those days are behind us. Sometimes, in a desperate attempt to re-establish our sexual prowess, we start embarrassing our selves by flirting with younger women. While we think we’re acting cool, we’re really acting the fool. Don’t put yourself, or any young girl, in that position. There are many reasons why you should not flirt with younger women. Instead, seek out the company of women in your own age group. If you’re going to get lucky with a younger woman, let her come to you. If that happens – go get ’em, tiger!

So, embrace the fact that you’re middle-aged and think about all the advantages that go with it. Would you really want to be that insecure, uncertain, awkward guy you were in your 20s? Of course not! Sure, you wish you could pee like that again, but that’s no reason to try to act like that again. The best way to accept your new demographic status is to wear it suavely and with pride. It can add a magnetic charm to your personality that you never had. With the right balance of a healthy lifestyle, upscale travel adventures, mature behavior and age-appropriate yet fashion-forward dressing, younger men will envy you and even emulate your style!

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