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How To Celebrate Your Wife’s Birthday – The Right Way!

Can’t Think Of A Present For Your Wife’s Birthday?

So your wife’s birthday is right around the corner and you can’t think of the perfect present. There’s a lot of pressure here. You don’t want to screw this one up. Between all the occasions you’ve forgotten and all the poorly chosen gifts you’ve given, you’re lucky you still have a wife. You could ask her what she wants, but she probably wishes you knew. And if she tells you she doesn’t want anything special – don’t believe her!

This happens to all of us. We usually care so deeply about our loved ones that nothing seems good enough for them! What could possibly be worthy enough for the love of your life? The answer is simple; it’s YOU! Your wife will probably love you for whatever you do for her, as long as she knows you made an effort and it’s from your heart.

No doubt, she’ll appreciate the gifts, but if you really want to make her day then all you have to do is make her feel special. Scroll down to check out some amazing ideas to make her 60th birthday an unforgettable celebration.

Take Her Out on a Dinner Date

If you have not taken her out for a romantic glam night on the town lately, this is the perfect occasion to do so. Pull out all the stops—tuxedo, limo, champagne, elegant dinner at a candlelit restaurant, maybe some dancing—she’ll surely love your undivided attention for the night. Take her to some new upscale restaurant where she’s been wanting to go, or take her to her favorite fancy restaurant that she always enjoys. Tell her how beautiful she looks and how proud you are to have her by your side. Follow-it up with a romantic walk along a beach or any beautiful setting. Even though this kind of evening might not be your idea of a good time, she’ll probably eat it up with a spoon.

Flowers Never Fail

wife's birthday

Another thing that never works for men are flowers. Have you ever known a guy who got gushy after receiving a bouquet from his wife? An edible arrangement, maybe, but getting a dozen roses sent to your office is just embarrassing for a dude. But when it comes to making a woman’s day, never underestimate the power of flowers. The oldest rule in the book says that women of all ages love to receive flowers, but you need to give it some thought first. Don’t settle for the first flower arrangement you see, instead try to find her favorite flowers. She’ll be pleased about receiving a gorgeous bouquet and you’ll earn extra points for remembering what she likes!

A Surprise Birthday Party

There is no such thing as “too old for a surprise party.” If your wife is one of those people who love surprises then it’s time to bring out the party hats! Plan the festivities, decorate your house, invite your family and friends, and order her favorite cake. She’ll feel extra special and have a fantastic time with the people she loves. Everyone will enjoy the party and it’s all thanks to you. WARNING: Make sure your wife is dressed appropriately for the occasion. Do not let everyone surprise her when she’s wearing sweats, no make-up and with her hair in curlers. Or else her surprise party could turn into your surprise funeral!

Sneak in a Love Note

Spark romance again by writing her an intimate love note that will make her blush despite all the years you’ve been together. Here are a few sentiments you can add:

  • If I hadn’t met you, I would never have believed, not even in a thousand years that a woman like you could exist. Happy birthday to the lady who completes my life!
  • Time to time, I pinch myself when I see you beside me because getting to spend a life with you is nothing less than a dream come true. Happy birthday. I love you!

You can even add in a little humor to enjoy a good laugh with your wife. Have a look at these funny love notes:

  • Our marriage is like a workshop where I work and you shop. Happy birthday. P.S. You brighten my day every day!
  • They say wine and wives get better with age, I wonder what’s wrong with you? Happy Birthday beautiful! P.S. I love you. Please don’t kill me!

The most important thing to remember is that this is her day. It’s all about what she likes, which is usually vastly different then what you like. A romantic evening does not have to end with hot sex. That’s what you would like. Odds are, she’d prefer a long and loving foot massage.

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