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Dating Apps 101: Important Suggestions For Men On What Women Want

Dating Apps: Insight Into Women

I’m not sure how men think about looking for women on dating apps but I do know what women are thinking. Or, at least, most women.  Okay, women that I speak to and, FYI that’s a lot of women. The women that I know think of it as a means to an end. Unless they’re in their 20’s most women are not looking for a hook-up or another “friend”.  We’re looking for a relationship and preferably a long-term relationship. That’s what we are looking for!  Even if we just got out of a relationship, short term or otherwise, the majority of us want a monogamous relationship and are looking for that special someone.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

We can all agree that men and women think differently and want different things. That’s a no brainer. So, just be honest! Be honest with yourself and with the women you are meeting. It will avoid so many unnecessary issues. We’re all adults.  Act “as if”.

Your Settings Are Up To You

dating apps

The dating apps give you the option of picking and choosing. You get to determine what is or is not a dealbreaker, how many miles is considered geographically desirable, the age group, ethnicity and so much more. If I see a man who is “looking to hook-up” I will pass no matter what the other stats indicate. No matter how successful, handsome, fit or smart he may be. If I see a man who is looking for a “long term relationship” I would be more inclined to respond. So, be mindful of what you want and be respectful by letting any potential dates know what you want and what you don’t want.

We didn’t get to this age and this place in our lives without understanding the differences between the sexes. Women get involved more quickly, especially when sex is involved.   Men…not so much.   It’s all about communication BUT, that communication needs to be real.  If you’re not sure that you want a long-term relationship, DON’T PUT THAT IN YOUR PROFILE.  You can actually say “Not Sure”.  Or, you can say you’re open to possibilities.  It’s honest, it’s real and we know what the deal is going in.  

5 More Tips

  1. After a day or so of texting on the dating apps, it’s time to get off the app. That’s the point, right? Why wait? Exchange numbers and move to the next step.  
  2. The next step might be texting for a bit, a day or so, on your private lines BUT, then its set up a time to meet in person. Again, what’s the point of being on a dating app and never getting to the date?  
  3. It’s okay to keep texting but phone calls are a good thing. We like it when men call!
  4. Meeting for coffee for the first time is fine. If you both agree to get together a second time, meeting for lunch, brunch or dinner would be great.  It doesn’t have to be at an expensive place but, again, if you can’t afford to date, then don’t. At the beginning, at this age and time in our lives, that seems reasonable. (NOTE*: I know that men still bear the brunt of paying for dates, especially in the beginning, and I know that it seems unfair. Life is unfair. Let’s move on.)
  5. And finally, at least for now, if you enjoyed the date and want to get together again, don’t wait too long. Don’t let the excitement of the newness wear off. Keep the momentum going.  

Dating can be fun but, it’s also a lot of work. When it’s good it’s really good but when it’s not its sucks. So, make it worth your time and put in the effort and hopefully you’ll get off these apps sooner than later.

Good luck out there.  We all need it!

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