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Five Favorite Fragrances Women Love On Men

The Sweet Smell Of Succ-sex

There are certain fragrances that women love on men. The primal sense of smell, along with other senses of sight and sound, may play a larger role than we thought with regards to our dating and mating behaviors. In fact, some women attracted to a man might rate scent above other factors like looks, height, and hair. While some women may be attracted to a man’s natural scent, which can be musky at best, and gag-inducing at worst, most prefer the fresh-smelling, lightly scented guy.

So, as a man of a certain age who wears cologne, one style point to consider is to find the olfactory elixir that boosts your image, suits your personality and makes you feel confident and attractive. And if you’re still seeking a sexy signature scent, but looking to narrow down your options, consider these fail-safe picks for fragrances women adore on men.

1 Million by Paco Rabanne

France’s most renowned perfume house, Givaudan, created this stimulating and truly irresistible scent, which expertly combines masculine overtones of leather and wood with undertones of peppermint and mandarin. The impact is audacious, exceptional and alluring.

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

Celebrities the likes of Clint Eastwood, Russell Crowe, Pierce Brosnan and Robbie Williams favor this world famous scent for men redolent of a woody earthiness—it’s a smart classic choice for men in their 50s. Why? This sophisticated fragrance harmonizes with all types of body chemistry and it’s not a seasonal scent so you can wear it all year long.

Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior

This legendary fragrance has been a dopp kit staple since its was introduced in 1966. You won’t find anyone who isn’t lured in by the clean smell of this cologne. Fresh, citrusy, spicy and masculine, top perfume experts rate this is one of the best masculine colognes of the 21st century!

La Nuit De L’homme by Yves Saint Laurent

After men in the know sample this sensational scent, they rarely move on to another. With its well-blended earthy overtones and sensual undertones, men using other colognes often switch to La Nuit De L’homme for good.

Aqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani

A timeless scent from the very best collection of Giorgio Armani colognes. Aqua di Gio rocks subtle notes of cedar wood, rock rose and patchouli. It’s an empowering, tantalizing fragrance suitable for daytime at the office and nighttime out on the town.

When people talk about the chemistry between romantic partners, they usually mean it figuratively, but there is an actual science to the chemistry between human beings. And a good part of that chemistry interfaces through the olfactory nerves in the schnozz. So freshen up, but remember: Less is more. Don’t let your scent arrive before you, or linger after you leave!

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