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How To Love Again

Learning to love again? It is really hard for us to bring the same feelings that we once had for our late (or ex) partner for someone new. After many years of marriage we never thought we’d be alone. Our generation got married quite young. We grew up and built our lives together with our loving spouses by our side.

Now, having accepted divorce or the passing of our significant other, our choices are simple. Either sink deeply into loneliness and depression, or share our baggage with another.

Standing at life’s third quarter, and with no idea how to court a woman other than your wife for thirty years, could be daunting to go forward with. If you have procrastinated enough and now believe you are ready to try, you will need a few basic tips.

Be Honest

With all our experience and wisdom, we tend to exaggerate and embellish tales. Women can see right through us and are quite intuitive about how their future would be with you based on what we portray. If you really like this woman, and really want to move forward with her, just be honest. Tell her about your children, your interests, even your limitations. Just don’t tell her all of that on your first date.

Get In Shape

Our chances of gaining weight are very high in your 50’s, mostly because of a slowed metabolism. If you have never been to a gym or worked out for physical fitness, then this may be a whole new world for you. You can start by jogging 3 miles a day for starters.

It is also important to eat healthy and devise a meal plan in terms of calories. Cutting down on alcohol consumption also helps a lot!

Be a Gentleman

It’s very important to listen and find the woman’s likes and dislikes. Somewhere along the years with our wives, we laid down the benchmarks of being a gentleman. An example of your new benchmark can be along the lines of keeping a handkerchief on you for the sole purpose of lending it to your lady.

Learn to Cook

As this relationship progresses, there is a chance both of you will spend time in each other’s house. She might cook for you at times, and you should be able to reciprocate.

Find out some of her favorite meals and make sure you try a recipe once before you invite her over for a home cooked meal. Check out this video for ideas on what to cook on your next date night!

Quick Tips

If you think you need to develop a sense of fashion, then by all means develop it. Buy a nice aftershave so you can smell as good as you look. Also, don’t hesitate to try something new in this relationship. Everything you would love to explore – something like downhill skiing.

All you need to do is to have fun with your lady. Love and everything else will come naturally.

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