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Is Online Dating A Nightmare For You? 10 Helpful Tips

While there’s no written rules about online dating, there should be. I can’t tell you how many friends I have, both male and female, that are online looking to meet someone. Unfortunately, I seem to hear the same complaints from both sides over and over again.

The #1 complaint… availability. If you’re on-line and wanting to meet someone, I’m thinking you should have time to text, talk and meet if there seems to be a connection. However, I’m told that this isn’t the case. I’m confused! Isn’t the point of being on these dating apps to meet someone. Otherwise, why waste your time and money??

I guess a time-line or time-frame should be established as a kind of “unwritten” on-line dating protocol. If you are lucky enough to match with someone, why not reach out or at the very least, respond. It’s hard enough out there and even more difficult to connect on-line with a complete and total stranger. Make it easier for both parties and start off on the right foot.  

10 Online Dating Tips

Here’s some suggestions from someone, that would be me, who has been there and done that:

  1. Be Responsive: If you’ve been matched, reach out within 24 hours. It shows that you’re interested.
  2. Don’t Waste Time: If you’re not interested, swipe left and move on.  
  3. Honesty Is The Best Policy: If you’ve already spoken and/or met in person and you are not interested, just let the other person know by saying or texting “I don’t think we’re a match” and wish them luck in their search.
  4. Move It Along: If you’ve already spoken and the conversation went well, move on to the next step and schedule a date/time to meet in person.
  5. Meet For Coffee: Meeting for coffee for an hour or so is sufficient for the first time you meet in person. If it goes well, you can decide to hang out longer or get together another time.  If you’re not feeling it, you’ve only given up an hour instead of putting yourself through a long, drawn out evening. 
  6. E For Effort: If you are planning on meeting in person, show up like you care. Put a little effort into your appearance. The first impression is so important.
  7. The Truth Prevails: If you’re curious, or worried, about whether or not the other person looks like their photo, just ask if their photos are current or ask them to send you one with their hand on their shoulder, for example, to prove that it is current. The truth will come out if you wind up meeting anyway so just ask. It’s really okay!
  8. If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try Again… And Again: If you’re not quite sure if you’re interested after the first call or even first date, give the other person a second chance. Sometimes the first conversation or meeting is a bit nerve wracking and you just can’t tell.
  9. Keep Your Eye On The Ball: I understand you want to meet as many people as possible if you’re paying for a dating app. That said, once you find someone that interests you, give it a chance. If you’re always looking for something better, you’ll miss the opportunity that is right in front of you. Hey, if it doesn’t work out you can always get back on-line.   
  10. Keep An Open Mind: I know we all have an idea of what we’re looking for in a mate but, ya never know.   

Good luck out there!

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Dina Braverman
Dina Braverman
Dina Braverman has been an expert organizer her entire life and has had her own organizing company for over 9 years. Her OCD coupled with her years as an office manager in the legal and corporate worlds, lent themselves to a natural segue as a Professional Organizer. Currently a resident of Los Angeles, but originally from New York, Dina brings her NY state of mind to her business. Organizing Concepts and Designs, aka OCD, initially started working for small businesses. However, it quickly expanded to include large companies, private homes, relocations, estate sales and clear outs. You can learn more about her OCD at organizingconceptsanddesigns.com.
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