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Make LOVE not SNORE: A Story About How Snoring Brings Death To Intimacy And A Device That Can Help!

The Snoring Kiss Of Death

Don’t get it twisted. I’m not saying that if you snore or if your partner snores that you are never having sex again… but if one or both of you snores it’s going to vastly change all of your bedtime habits. These include sleep and sex and may even push you into separate rooms. Separate rooms certainly make it impossible to have sex (unless you prefer to have sex alone and I don’t.)

The Health Affects Of Bad Sleep

Now, I’m not a doctor (we have a really good one that writes for this website), but it doesn’t take an academic to figure out that if you’re not sleeping well that everything about your health suffers. Everything else that requires a healthy and alert body (not just sex) can be affected negatively.

A Product That Helps


I found these amazing earbuds made by Bose! I don’t have any stake in the high end sound engineering company, but people on the internet rave about these earbuds so much that they’re called “marriage savers.” That’s right, this product is used often by married couples and actually has been given the nickname “marriage savers.“ Wow, that says it all, right? But honestly- they really are.

Bose Sleep Buds II

The Bose version of Air Pods (but they don’t play music) are called Sleep buds II. They have an alarm and they connect to your phone through a free app, so you can listen to dozens of different soothing sounds that put you to sleep. Some people have noise machines that play the sound of the ocean or rain falling on their Alexa, tablet or phone, but that’s not what I’m talking about. With those devices you can still hear your partner snore. Yes, snoring can overpower an actual sound machine! Because of this, I don’t think it really helps the situation much and may even make it worse.

The Bose ‘marriage savers’ are noise canceling sleep buds that play sounds directly into your ears by blocking out any external sounds (i.e. snoring or even a restless partner.) They’re also designed to lay flat in your ears so you don’t feel them when you’re lying on your side with your head on your pillow. Quite frankly, they’re designed to give you a much better (REM) night’s sleep. This may not only help you avoid being overwhelmed by your partner’s snoring, but it can help your sleep improve so much that you may be less likely to snore as well. It’s a win-win!

I Speak From Experience

I am a very light sleeper. Sometimes my (beautiful, kind and perfect) wife snores lightly, and maybe a little more than lightly if she’s had a glass or two of wine. So, when I wear the sleep buds I don’t hear her and I am less likely to snore myself. Two problems solved. Sleeping better means feeling better and feeling better means more sex. This helps tremendously if you like morning sex (if you don’t like morning sex than you definantly should try it and maybe you will change your mind on not being into morning sex.)

Now, I have recommended them to dozens of my friends and family since my wife bought them for me a couple years ago, and recently I suggested them to a Doctor friend of mine, whose wife is also a Doctor. I knew that he had purchased them so I asked him what he thought of them and he replied “I actually bought them for my wife and she loves them!“ Happy wife = Happy life.

If you share this problem of snoring (either yourself or your spouse), I fully suggest investing in a pair of sleep buds. They’re pretty pricey but I swear to you they’re well worth it and definitely worthy of the name “marriage savers“. If you’re already crashing in separate bedrooms, then try these out and get back in the game.

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