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Never Just A Kiss: 6 Types Of Kisses

A First Kiss

Just a kiss? I remember a time in my life when a first kiss or simply kissing someone was such a turn-on that it could almost bring a person to climax. I know, I know, we’re talking about the years of teenage love and college romance, but I can actually still vividly remember that feeling. I’m not saying I remember a first kiss like it was yesterday, but I can tell you that on some level the feeling will always be there. It’s a bit more subtle than it once was, but pretty attainable if you actually kiss, and kiss often.


just a kiss

That stands for “public display of affection” for those of you who might be living under a rock. I’m a publicly affectionate kind a guy. I kiss my wife in public, and I hug and kiss my friends and family when I see them. Some people say that’s the Italian in me but I don’t think so. I think it’s comes from having once been a teenager in love.

I also think it’s sometimes a reminder of the feelings I had when I first kissed my wife and realized I was falling in love very quickly. Kissing is one of the ways you know that an argument is over and that making up is on its way (which is always fun). Kissing is also a way of saying goodbye and letting a person (or pet) know that you will miss them.

The simple kiss

just a kiss

Whenever my wife and I pass each other in the kitchen or leave for the day we always try to give each other a little kiss. It’s something that’s a reminder of ‘I love you’. When my kids go off to school in the morning, I try to kiss them both, tell them I love them and wish them a good day. My daughter is still pretty young, but since she was born, she won’t go to bed if I don’t come in and give her a kiss good night (except for the times I’m not home when she goes to sleep).

When I am on the road, I feel like I miss out on something special by not being able to say goodnight to her. My son is a teenager and every once in a while he lets me kiss him on the head (mostly only when he doesn’t see it coming). If he see’s me coming, he tightens up and takes it, but to me that’s the best I’m going to get out of him. He’s a teenage boy!

When I see my mom I always give her a kiss and she acts like it’s been years since I last did it. Mothers are like that but as a dad who is starting to see his children become adults, I can understand how special it is just to get a kiss from your child.

The long, passionate kiss

just a kiss

When it comes to your spouse, I suggest long passionate kissing whenever you can. I’m not quite sure why some people stop kissing as much when they get older like they once did when they were younger. Could it be we’re just in a rush? I think that’s bullshit. Can it be that we don’t enjoy it as much when older? I think that’s bullshit, too.

If you just actually kissed more often you’d realize you enjoy it just as much as you always did. Can it be that a kiss is just a kiss? Nope. I do not believe that because if it was, you simply wouldn’t have done it so much when you were younger or falling in love. Also, if it was just a kiss, why would it be the thing you are told to do to complete your wedding vows? “You may kiss the Bride/Groom” is sacred and the true beginning of a marriage.

The foreplay kiss

Kissing is obviously super important during sex and if you’ve lost your passion for kissing the person you love, then you’ve lost a part of your passion completely (remember, it’s not too late to get it back). It’s also important to remember that kissing on the lips is not necessarily the most important way to show affection. Kissing someone lightly on the shoulder, the neck, on the small of her back, the thigh or on the toes and feet (if you’re into that) are all intimate forms of affection.

Oral sex is a form of kissing and an art form if you ask most people (and they’re being honest). It’s one of the most selfless ways to show the person you love how you feel about them and that you’re as interested in their satisfaction as you are in your own. I’ve heard some people say, “I just don’t do that.“ Well, that’s cool, just do you. But that also means you might have to ‘just do you’ as well, because somebody else probably won’t.

Keep in mind, some of those people who aren’t into performing oral sex on their partner will still kiss their dogs as a form of affection. This is confusing and makes absolutely no sense to me.

Kiss my ass

Telling someone to kiss your ass has two totally different meanings, the first one obviously can be sexual, and again, if you’re into that, more power to you. The second reason is to let someone know how you feel about him or her not liking you or something you’ve done. This is where the phrase “you can kiss my ass“ comes from.

So, you see, a kiss is not just a kiss. It’s a lot more and it’s something that many people seem to lose interest in. I know it’s a COVID world and you should not throw caution to the wind, but kissing should always be important since it’s a way to say I love you, I like you a lot, hello, and goodbye. In a romantic situation, it’s a way to start the most intimate moments with your partner. Kissing can lead to the process of creating a life. Simply put, it can be said that kissing creates humanity.

Is it ever just a kiss? Do you remember your first kiss? Do you kiss your children or grandchildren goodnight?

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