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Stay Virile, Stay Young: 5 Tips For Giving Yourself A Testosterone Boost

There are many things that we men enjoy about our bodies; strength, muscularity, ruggedness. We revel in all of these qualities and even take them for granted. This kind of carefree attitude is not possible when we reach the second half of our lives. After crossing the age of 30, the hormone responsible for these gifts starts to decline in our bodies. However, this doesn’t mean we have to lose the vital elements of our manliness. A Silver Fox like you, always up for the challenge, can embody peak-virility. The key to this is making sure your testosterone level, or T-level, is up.

Having a healthy T-level means you’ll be as strong and mentally sharp as any whippersnapper half your age. You’ll be a happier man with a great sex drive. On the other hand, having a low T-level means you’ll be in bad shape. Weak bones, high likelihood of being depressed, memory loss, weak heart and a shorter life are all a result of low T-level. The good news is that making some simple lifestyle adjustments can ensure your T-level remains high and you live a long, fantastic life.

Stay In Shape

Being older isn’t the time to be slack for a stud like you. Studies have already proven that slow metabolism is not the reason why people tend to gain weight later in life. It has more to do with not being active enough. If you keep moving and working out, you’ll not only fight the fat but you’ll also gain testosterone. Falling for the stereotype of the older man can be fatal; being overweight increases the risk for heart disease – the biggest killer in the world.

Don’t Sweat It

There’s healthy amounts of stress that moves us to do our work and meet deadlines. When this stress increases to an unhealthy amount, it damages the body. The hormone cortisol that gets released by stress inhibits testosterone, which means bad news. Before the stress eats you up, learn to relax. Techniques like meditation and deep breathing or just having the ability to calm yourself down with music can go a long way in keeping your youthful energy alive.

Handle Your Booze

You’ve heard of water turning into wine. How about wine turning testosterone into estrogen? Increased estrogen in the male body means bad news; we’re talking erectile dysfunction, infertility and increased chances of prostate cancer. Limit your drinks to 2 a day and you’ll be fine.

Don’t Skip On Sleep

Sleep is the time when your body gets to take a breather and fix itself so you can take on life. If you don’t give your body a break, it will break down. The chances of this happening at our age are higher. Staying up late will only increase the stress in your body, which means more cortisol. Instead of being proud of how late you can stay up at night, hit the hay and save your T-levels.

Add Some Natural Fats To Your Diet

Eating whatever we can get our hands on does not suit our age. At this point in our lives, we need to be choosier about what we put in our bodies. We need to eat with purpose and strategy. So, when our body needs fats to produce testosterone, we don’t go for unhealthy fatty foods. Go for foods like avocado, nuts, salmon, olive oil and almonds that can be delicious, as well rich in the natural fats that our bodies require.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll change the meaning of the phrase “old man.”

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