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Bring The Great Tom Brady To Your Town And I Guarantee You’ll Win A Championship!

The Great Tom Brady And The Championships That Follow Him

Tom Brady delivers championships everywhere he goes. From the time he was born and grew up in San Francisco to the time he spent in Michigan playing in college and then of course in Massachusetts and onto Tampa. Let’s go back in time and count all the championships that were won in every sport from the time Tom Brady was born through today. We are only considering cities that he spent time living in.

San Francisco, California

We start in San Francisco California where the great Tom Brady was born in 1977. The San Francisco 49ers won six Super Bowls, the Oakland Raiders won one Super Bowl and the Oakland A’s won one World Series. This happened from his birth in 1977 until 1994 when Tom went off to play college football for Michigan.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Moving on to Ann Arbor, Michigan where Tom Brady went to college and played quarterback at the University of Michigan. The Wolverines won the national championship in 1998 and the Detroit Red Wings won three Stanley cups and a fourth Conference Championship.

Boston, Massachusetts


Let’s take Tommy to Massachusetts where he played for the six time Super Bowl Champions, the New England Patriots and. coach Bill Belicheck. During that time the Boston Celtics won an NBA championship, the Boston Bruins won a Stanley cup and the Boston Red Sox broke a 100-year-old curse and won four World Series trophies.

Tampa, Florida

Of course the latest chapter for Tom is in. Tampa, Florida. You can guess it- he brought titles to his town is in Tampa, Florida, too. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are now the defending Super Bowl Champions and the Tampa Bay Lightning are now the back to back Stanley Cup Champions (all three of the Tampa Bays’ recent championships were in the last calendar year/season.) Brady is so popular after residing in Tampa for less than one year that the city is now being referred to as Tompa Bay.

the great Tom Brady

If you add all that up, what it really boils down to is that without the great Tom Brady living in your city you have a 3% percentage chance of winning a championship in any sport each year, but if Tom Brady happens to move to your town and play for your local football team (or any other team) your chances of winning a world championship in every other sport goes up to over 12%! Go ahead, do the math.

So, here’s what I suggest, lobby whatever football team is closer to you to go out and get whatever is left of Tom Brady‘s career whether it be one year two years or three years, because you undoubtedly have a much better chance of winning a championship in any sport with him around than you most certainly do without him in town.

*All photos by Marc Serota

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