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The Pickleball Essentials You Need On The Court This Year

If you aren’t playing pickleball or know someone who is, you must be living under a rock! It’s fun, it’s social and it’s a fantastic workout. Increasing in popularity every year, you need to acquaint yourself with this sport sooner than later.

Manopause.com has a number of fans who are avid pickleball players, and upon recommendations from them we are sharing our list of must-haves with you.

From stylish and functional court sneakers to a variety of paddles, these are the goods you need before you hit the court next.

Pickleball Paddle Bundle by Recess

These composite paddles have a durable fiberglass surface with a high quality honeycomb core. Not only are they cool looking, but they are well made for all levels of pickleball players. You can mix and match designs, too!

In this bundle you will also receive a set of pickleball balls in the color of your choice and a court bag for helping to hold all of your equipment on your way to the courts!

$200 – recesspickleball.com

PickleUpper Pickleball Retriever

Before you laugh and write this off, it really is a genius addition to your pickleball bag! A little cap that attaches on to the end of your paddle and stays out of the way during your game.

Just use the small cap to easily pickup your pickleballs without breaking your knees back and hips. It’s lightweight and will be the envy of your competitors!

$14.95 – Dicks Sporting Goods

Wilson Rush Pro Ace Wide Court Shoe

With cushioning and breathability, this Wilson court shoes gives you the positioning and stability you need. The design also helps resist twisting and rolling, protecting your ankles in an intense pickleball game.

The sole also provides great traction and has OrthoLite foam that helps lessen the impact on your body. Pickleballcentral.com has so many great shoes for both men and women– you’re guaranteed to find something you like!

$99 – pickleballcentral.com

Monarch Complete Pickleball Game Set

This all in one package includes a pickleball net, two wooden paddles, two balls and a carrying case for the net and equipment. Wooden paddles are great for beginners until you’re ready to upgrade to a professional paddle.

Having your own net is also a huge advantage for practicing and playing anywhere, on different courts. When you have all the necessary equipment, nothing can stop you from your love of playing pickleball!

$59.99 – dickssportinggoods.com

Team Ace Laser Mesh Hat

Looking for the perfect accessory to keep you cool and stylish while dominating on the pickleball court? Look no further than the Team ACE Laser-Mesh Hat! Ace  does pickleball in the coolest way and this hat is no different!

It’s not only cool looking but it is also functional. The laser-mesh design keeps the sun out of your eyes, protecting your face from harmful UV rays, and is also breathable so you don’t overheat!

$39.99 – acepickleball.co

Franklin Pickleball-X Elite Performance Sling Bag

This bag may look small but it holds up to six paddles and six balls! The Franklin® Pickleball-X® Sling Bag is the official bag of the US Open and has been designed to carry all your pickleball gear in a comfortable and convenient way!

There is a fence hook for easily latching on to court gates and a cell phone pocket so you can keep all of your belongings together.

$34.99 – dickssportinggoods.com

Pro Pickleball Paddle by Nettie

The Pro Power uses 18K twilled raw carbon fiber, a leading technology for pickleball paddle surface materials. The woven carbon surface is durable, and creates a wide and consistent sweet spot.

The 13mm width makes this paddle best for those who want more pop, power, and oomph in their game.

  • SURFACE: 18K twilled carbon fiber
  • CORE: Polymer honeycomb core
  • THICKNESS: 13mm (best for power + pop)
  • WEIGHT: 7.9-8.1 oz
  • GRIP: 4.25 inch octagonal grip
  • HANDLE LENGTH: 5 inch
$129.99 – playnettie.com

Prince Paddle Cover

Now that you’ve gone and fallen in love with pickleball and spent your money on good paddles and balls, you want to be sure to protect your precious paddles at all costs!

This Prince paddle cover is from a trusted brand and zips right around your paddle to protect it from whatever comes your way.

$17.99 – pickeleballcentral.com

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