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Vin Scully, The Iconic Voice Of The Los Angeles Dodgers, Dies At 94

Vin Scully’s Iconic Voice

“It’s time for Dodger baseball!” If you’ve never heard Vin Scully’s iconic voice saying his most famous phrase, you must be living under a rock.

Dodgers CEO & President, Stan Kasten said, “We have lost an icon.” He couldn’t be more right. Passing away in his Hidden Hills home in Los Angeles, Dodger and MLB fans everywhere are feeling the loss of this legend.

Scully’s 66 Years With The Dodgers

Scully was the longest tenured broadcaster of a single team in sports history. From Jackie Robinson to Sandy Koufax to Mika Piazza, he saw it all.

Following the Dodgers from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, Vin Scully quickly became a staple of the franchise in their new city.

Scully was so loyal to his position as the Dodgers broadcaster, he even turned down a job for the New York Yankees in 1964.

Scully was voted “the most memorable personality” in the history of the Dodger franchise. He was there significantly longer than any player or coach and saw it all for over six decades and it showed.

Perhaps the people that knew and loved him can say it better than us. Below is a collection of some of the best tweets about Vin Scully we could find.

RIP Vin. We will still hear your voice every time a Dodger game begins.


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