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5 Unique Culinary Adventures From Around The World

Adventure takes many forms – hiking, underwater diving, mountain climbing, white water rafting etc. However, some of us like to partake in adventures that might not be physically demanding but require a bold spirit. We’re talking about trying out new culinary experiences. Adventurers like us not only expand the palette but also expand our minds with our exploits.

Here are some thrilling culinary adventures from around the world that you should consider having.

Manopause’s Top 5 Culinary Adventures

El Diablo Restaurant – Lanzarote, Spain

Do you like grilled food? How about having it grilled over a volcano? That’s what’s in store for you at the El Diablo Restaurant located at the Lanzarote Island in Spain. At El Diablo, you’ll be having grilled meats that were cooked using the heat from the island’s dormant volcano. It’s not just a stunt; the grilled meats, cooked with 400 degree Celsius heat, taste great. Worried about how safe it is? You don’t have to. The volcano’s last eruption took place in 1824 and scientists have declared the island’s bold cooking methods safe.

PDT – Please Don’t Tell – New York, USA

Trendy bars are a dime a dozen nowadays. Everyone seems to be a mixologist without knowing how to actually mix drinks. However, hidden bars are a new twist on the speakeasy formula that is returning class to these joints. One of these is Please Don’t Tell or PDT, a hidden bar that can only be accessed from a secret entrance in a phone booth located inside a hot dog joint called Crif’s Dogs. You’ll enter the bar like a spy and will be served like a VIP while shocking the unaware passersby. You can even order food from Crif’s kitchens, which go well with the bar’s drinks. You’ll have such a good time that keeping it a secret might become hard.

O.NOIR – Toronto, Canada

This restaurant is famous for serving its dishes in pitch darkness. When you’ll visit O.NOIR, you’ll have fine cuisine and secret desserts, served by visually impaired waiters. Why? The restaurateurs believe that the senses of taste and smell heighten when sight is inhibited. Does it actually work? You’ll have to see for yourself.

Dinner in the Sky – Worldwide

Originally a Belgium export, this culinary experience takes dining-out to a whole other level by elevating the patrons, along with the staff and tables, 150 feet above ground. Over the years, it has spread across the globe to destinations like Namur, Dubai, St. Tropez and Bangkok. It’s not all stunts and thrills. The food served is prepared by world-class chefs from around the globe. Do visit one of its locations, if you can overcome the fear of heights.

At.Mosphere – Dubai, UAE

If you are not about dining while dangling but still want high altitude action, At.Mosphere might be more your style. The restaurant is located on the 122nd floor of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building and offers a view of the sky that’s above the clouds. Besides the breathtaking view, you’ll be experiencing specialties like Dry Aged Beef, Venison and Poached Foie Gras. Finally, you’ll know what it was like for the gods wining and dining on Mount Olympus.

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