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Marci Pastel

Marci Pastel

Marci is a licensed aesthetician and has lived in North County San Diego for over 27 years. After spending several years competing in marathons and triathalons, she recognized the need for serious skin care. Marci graduated from the Palomar Institute of Cosmetology and has worked at some of the areas best medi-spas and dermatology offices. She continues to pursue her education in the industry and believes in the importance of using medical grade products along with having regular professional treatments. Her goal is to see you with fabulous skin.
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Marci Pastel

7 Skin Care Tips For Men: Give Yourself A Competitive Edge!

Guys, when you hit 50, your body changes. Manopause can kick your butt in more ways than you can count, but the first thing that others see is your skin! And so do you, every morning in the mirror! Whether you’re looking to change careers, meet a new woman, or just want to look better, an easy and inexpensive way to turn back the clock is by taking care of your skin. And despite what you think, yo

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