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6 Great Movies For Mature Audiences (Not The Kind You’re Thinking Of)

What Are Movies For Mature Audiences?

Remember when you were cool and young? And all of the films being released were filled with the hottest actors of the time… and those actors were your age? Well, the actors from those films aged with us and are now in their 60s and 70s. Yikes.

Hollywood loves to spit out films that are about the boomer generation, filled with the pool of aging actors. The hardest part about watching these films is to digest that the old men and women on screen are OUR AGE. Get over that punch to the gut, don’t expect an Oscar winning film, and enjoy these light hearted films!

Some of these movies are actually pretty great and I’m going to go ahead and say it– it’s nice to see people our age having fun, falling in love, robbing banks, and moving across the world.

Movies For Mature Audiences

So let’s get to it! Here are some great movies about people like us…

1. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

78% on Rotten Tomatoes. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

Plot: A group of retirees decide to outsource their retirement to a more affordable India. Upon arriving to the hotel, they find that the alluring ads they had previously seen were not accurate. Although initially resistant to their conditions, the new residents of the Marigold Hotel find that love and new happiness are possible once you let go of the past.

2. Last Vegas

46% on Rotten Tomatoes. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

Plot: Don’t let the Rotten Tomatoes score fool you. This cast includes Morgan Freeman, Michael Dougles, Kevin Kline and Robert De Niro. Friends since childhood, these four men find themselves in Las Vegas for Billy’s (Michael Douglas) bachelor party after he proposes to his much younger girlfriend. When they attempt to relive their glory days, the men realize that not only is Sin City different than they remember, but they are, too. This is a funny, uplifting story about friendships and getting older.

3. Hampstead

43% on Rotten Tomatoes. Available on Netflix.

Plot: Emily (Diane Keaton) is a divorced American woman, living in a nice London apartment she can no longer afford. Donald lives off the grid, in the woods of the same neighborhood. When Donald’s home in the woods is threatened by real estate developers, Emily is there to help fight for his cause. What she doesn’t expect is the romance that starts to blossom. This is a warm and quirky movie about love and second chances.

4. Our Souls At Night

89% on Rotten Tomatoes. Available on Netflix.

Plot: With a cast of Jane Fonda and Robert Redford, you can’t go wrong. Addie and Louis are neighbors, who have both lost their spouses. When Addie proposes the idea that her and Louis share a bed for comfort and company platonically, Louis hesitantly agrees. What ensues is a story of love, loss and friendship.

5. The Intern

59% on Rotten Tomatoes. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

Plot: In a very relevant/relatable topic, Robert De Niro plays a widowed and retired man who reenters the workforce as an intern at an online fashion company. Surrounded by people much younger than him, he starts to build friendships and become a well-liked intern on the team. He develops a special bond with the company’s founder (Anne Hathaway) and you watch his character get a whole new outlook on life.

There are ton more films to check out with casts that are our age! Don’t judge a film by it’s Rotten Tomatoes score and give these movies a chance. It’s more than refreshing to see our age group represented in love stories and feel good movies.

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