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5 Simple And Delicious Halloween Appetizers You Must Try

Halloween is just around around the corner, and we have the best Halloween appetizers for you to try at your spooky soiree this weekend! If you are in need of fall cocktail recipes, also check out our list of 25 great drinks!

Pretzel And Marshmallow Skeletons

Simple, salty and sweet! These are easy to make and look awesome when plated up together!

Halloween Mummy Dogs

If you like savory snacks, this is perfect for you! Hot dogs and Pillsbury crescent rolls make this easy Halloween themed “pig in a blanket” simple and delicious.

Witch’s Broom Cheese Snacks

Want more savory Halloween appetizers? With a few pretzel sticks and some string cheese, these are simple and salty snacks for anyone! These are all treat, without the tricks!

Rice Krispies Treat Mummies

If you like Rice Krispies treats this is perfect! Hot Tip: If you’re feeling lazy, you can buy the Rice Krispies treats and just dress it up as a mummy!

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