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4 Amazing Benefits Of Video Games For Mature Men

If you think the only stratum of men that can become a gamer is teenage then you’re seriously mistaken. You can play video games as much as you want, even in your 50s and 60s and beyond. It might seem like a hobby only the young pursue, but this is not entirely true. It might surprise you to know that playing video games in your 60s has been proven to have remarkable health benefits.

During their retirement years, most men have little to do. This shift in their lifestyle can make them weak, lonely, and dull. Thus, playing video games is something that can keep them entertained, occupied, and active. This article is about how video games can rescue older adult males from boredom and improve their health as well.

Video Games Allow Interaction

Everybody knows you don’t have to play video games alone. You can also team up and enjoy a video game. It can be a social activity. This is something many older adults need more than anything – a chance to socialize. And video games can give them that chance. You can arrange a get-together, choose a video game that can be played by multiple players and enjoy! Research has shown that seniors who interact and maintain their social life tend to have less physical and cognitive limitations.

Good for Keeping Aged Brains Healthy

Men in their 60s and 70s can still keep their minds sharp and bodies vigilant by playing video games. It’s a known fact that computer games boost mental acuteness and hand-eye coordination. Their brain activity improves, just like it improves for kids. With improved brain health, seniors tend to report positive mood and an optimistic attitude towards life. There are brilliant video games designed by neuroscientists, like Luminosity, that seniors can benefit from.

Video Games for Active Bodies

Do you know what an exergame is? It’s a game that combines games and exercise. Of course, such games offer seniors a plethora of benefits. Playing exergames is different from doing regular exercise, walking on a treadmill, and doing water aerobics. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, Wii games, like tennis and bowling, can burn almost 176 calories in just 30 minutes. One huge benefit of exergames is that playing them improves body balance which helps avoid falls.

Getting Accustomed to Mobile Devices

Today, video games can be played on mobile devices. This gives seniors a chance to grow accustomed to new technology. With a tablet in hand, they can download as many apps and games as they want and use them for their benefit. And it’s really good for them. They don’t feel outdated and left out in the constantly evolving world. These days, senior men have adopted using mobile devices to stream movies, read, communicate, and play online video games. You can play Angry Birds on your iPad or smart-phone and aim the colorful birds at the noisy green pigs. With alluring graphics design and colors, it’s a game that involves amazing strategy and is more addictive than it sounds.

When it comes to keeping their brains fit, active and healthy, playing video games is highly recommended for senior men. Considering that males have a flair for playing video games, you should grab a friend or your partner, choose a video game of your choice, and take the first step towards a healthier and entertaining life!

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