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5 Most Common Cancers In Men Over 50

With growing old comes the increased risk of developing various diseases, including the five most common cancers in men over 50. There isn’t much that you can do once you’re diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, like cancer, except seek treatment. However, men can benefit from information about these ailments in order to make prudent decisions about their health as soon as they become quinquagenarians. As it turns out, the risk of developing cancer in later years is higher and it’s best to take preventative measures before it’s too late.This article is about creating awareness among middle aged men regarding the common types of cancers they are at risk of developing at their age.

Prostate Cancer

Men over 50 are at risk of developing prostate cancer more than any other form of the disease. Just to give you an idea about how prevalent prostate cancer is, studies have shown that 6 out of 10 men over 65 are diagnosed with it every year. According to the CDC, over 30,000 men died suffering from this disease last year. Besides age, there are other factors that increase the risk of getting it, like race and family history. In order to reduce the risk, men must take care of their diet and quit smoking.

Lung Cancer

If statistics are to be believed, 81 out of every 100,000 men are diagnosed with lung cancer every year in the U.S. Far more severe than prostate cancer, lung cancer happens to be the number one cause of death among men over 50. The best way to reduce the chances of developing it is to say no to smoking and alcohol.

Bladder Cancer

Striking almost 36 out of every 100,000 men in the US, bladder cancer is another major life-threatening disease that men over 50 need to be careful about. If you’re over 55 and have a history of bladder cancer, then it’s vital for you to know that smoking doubles the risk of developing bladder cancer. Quitting smoking is the best preventative measure men over 50 can take against bladder cancer.

Colorectal Cancer

The worst thing about this type of cancer is that it goes undiagnosed during its early stages because it doesn’t occur with many symptoms. For men in their 50s, a regular colonoscopy is advised. Eating a healthy diet, maintaining weight, quitting smoking, and minimal consumption of alcohol are said to be effective preventative measures to take after crossing the 50 yard line of life.

Melanoma Cancer

Melanoma cancer is a form of skin cancer that first appears to be just a freckle or mole on the skin. Thus, regular screening of your scalp and the soles of your feet is highly recommended. Although melanoma is not age-related cancer, it commonly strikes middle-aged men. Therefore, make sure you avoid direct exposure to sunrays and make use of sunscreen.

Now that you’re aware of the most common types of cancers, you must consider taking your health seriously and start decreasing the risks of developing these diseases. Plan sessions with your doctor and schedule periodic screenings. Do not smoke, limit the intake of alcohol, eat a healthy diet, maintain a healthy weight, and protect your skin from the sun. These preventative measures go a long way towards decreasing your risk for developing these common types of cancers.

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