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5 Things You Need To Do To Stay Healthy Over 50

Have you recently turned 50? Well, you can’t reverse your age, but you can surely use it for your benefit now. This is the time your lifestyle needs to change drastically… for the good. No more buckets of chicken wings for dinner, a fat creamy doughnut for breakfast, and no six-pack of beer for the late night hangouts with friends that you have been enjoying for the last few decades. Those were all bad habits. It’s time to put all those habits behind you with your young age and learn to be better off without them now.

Men at 50 must set new priorities and missions. And one of those priorities must be to stay fit. Don’t wait until you fall victim to some old-age disease like high blood pressure to bring a change in your lifestyle. It’s true what they say, smart lifestyle and healthy habits make you feel and look ten years younger. So let’s see how you can maintain your fitness in your 50s.

Say Goodbye to Salt

Here’s a food for thought – according to a study conducted in 2013, one in every 10 deaths in the U.S. is connected to eating excessive salts. And 60% of these deaths become evident in men. Excessive intake of sodium and too little consumption of potassium raise blood pressure that contributes majorly to all heart related diseases. What you need to do is cut back on sodium-rich food items, like cheese, processed food, and bread to lower the risk. Replace all that with lots of leafy greens and potassium-rich food, like bananas.

Stay Mentally Active

Avoid old-age diseases that affect your mental state, like Alzheimer’s, by adding a lot of nuts, vegetables, berries, salads, beans, and some fish and chicken to your diet. This will keep you active and mentally fit as you continue to age.

Take Care of Your Bones

Have you heard of osteoporosis? It’s not just a disease that affects women. It’s common among men to lose their bone mass in their 50s as well. In order to avoid that, take supplemental calcium and probiotics. It will prevent the chances of osteoporosis and will improve your digestive system as well. If you don’t want to take a pill, then you can get probiotics from dairy products and fermented food items.

Drink Water for Your Prostate Health

You guessed it right! It’s time to prefer water over soda. It might come to you as a surprise, but more than 180,000 deaths occur every year because of these sugary soft drinks. With men, drinking soft drinks can result in prostate cancer, abnormal weight gain, and diabetes. Nobody’s asking you to drink plain water. You can add some flavor to it with lemons and berries.

Maintain Your Sexual Health

For a healthy sex life at this age, you must cut back on salty or sweet baked goods. Too much fat will block your arteries and will spike your cholesterol level. Men should know that both these things can cause erectile dysfunction. Thus, stay healthy by eating healthy fats and protein instead of trans-fats and refined sugars.

Nothing will drag you back to your care-free twenties and thirties. All you can do is age gracefully and with good health. So what men in their 50s essentially need is healthy food and a good exercise routine. Just keep one thing in mind – it’s never too late to make a good health-related decision.

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