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How To Maintain The Heart Of A Champion At 50 And Beyond

Being lion-hearted men, we show no fear in the face of an obstacle, unless it’s really big! We know that the spirit within us will conquer any challenging situation! We are not dreamers but achievers! Right guys? However, as we get older and slide into manopause, we need to be smart about our abilities and our health. Staying healthy means listening to your body, adjusting your activities to minimize injury and strain, and learning about the risks we face as we age.

One of the biggest risks with age is Heart Disease, the leading killer of men and women over 50. Whether you have a family history or not, many factors can affect you risk of dying from this preventable disease. And there are several easy ways to reduce your risk of becoming a statistic!

Eat A Healthy Diet

You’ve heard this a million times! But you know why? Because it’s true!! It doesn’t mean eating pine cones and, gulp, wheat grass. Eating leaner meats, fish, and lots of vegetables is a good start! And fish in particular can be super healthy, especially Salmon, Tuna, and Mackerel, which are rich in Omega-3 fats that your body needs for a strong heart. And eating fish allows you to look down your nose at your meat-eating buddies. Nevertheless, and occasional lean beef burger or Turkey burger can still be on the menu! And finally, there are the meat alternatives, like the Impossible Burger, which is pretty damn close to a real one taste-wise, and the Beyond Burger.

Fruits and vegetables are equally important for a balanced diet. They’re full of vitamins and fiber! Had broiled brussel sprouts lately, with a pinch of salt and garlic? Oooh, that’s good eating! The deeply-colored veggies taste great and give your body lots of healthy nutrients to keep it healthy, like calcium, VItamin C, B and E, and iron. Try to stay away from excessive sugar, high salt and highly processed foods. Try to avoid sodas and chips, except maybe during picnics or parties. You have to live a little, right?

Exercise regularly

Yes, you heard me. While diet is more important in overall health, exercise is a critical component to good health. Your body craves movement. So, why not give it some? And we’re not talking running marathons, unless you want to. Walking, jogging, biking, or swimming are great aerobic exercises that get your heart pumping and your blood flowing (everywhere, if you know what I mean!). And as little as 20 minutes a day can give results. Resistance training with weights or bands is important too. More muscle means higher metabolism and more fat burning capacity. It also helps with bone density, keeping your bones strong, and your immune system!

Reduce Stress

We’re all stressed! Work, kids, relationships, money, aging. Yikes! And we know from innumerable studies that stress is a killer. During stressful situations, hormones like adrenaline are released and they have a direct effect on your heart. You know that because you’ve felt it–that twinge in your chest when something stressful happens. Too much of that can damage the heart muscle. You know what relieves stress? Control. Get control of your life through time management, setting priorities, and seeing the big picture. Yoga and meditation are known to help clear your mind, and are easy to do once you learn how.

Hitting 50 and Manopause doesn’t mean your life is winding down. Just the opposite! Take care of yourself and chase those dreams you’ve had all your life. Get in shape, eat right, chill out, and you’ll win that battle with heart disease!

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