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4 Great Ways To Reinvent Yourself After Turning 50

The term “Reinvent Yourself” is a powerful idea. It has the potential to inject the right amount of confidence, courage, and stamina into someone who thinks their time has passed or that they’re too old!

It’s not uncommon to encounter people who have dared to reinvent themselves in their 50s, 60s and 70s! They may be retired, divorced, or just became bored with where they’ve ended up in life. The daring ones who find new purpose and passion in life can inspire all of us to do the same.

This article is dedicated to all those men, and women, who have found new passion and to those looking to live life young!

Reinvent Your Surroundings: Retire to a Place of Your Dreams

Tired of where you live? Too much traffic or congestion? Have your old friends moved? Are you just over it? Reinvent yourself by moving somewhere that inspires you! A new place or city makes you feel the urgency to live again. Some people like mountain towns like Boulder, CO. Others prefer a lazy beach town in the Florida Keys. Or maybe you want an exciting city environment like New York City or San Francisco.

There are lots of cool places to live that can give you a fresh new start. And don’t forget moving abroad to places like Costa Rica, Italy, or San Felipe, Mexico. There are lots of ex-pats in foreign lands enjoying a new cultural experience.

Reinvent Yourself: Get Tech Savvy

The internet is a blessing and a curse, but it really has become indispensable. Reinvent yourself by learning more about computers, apps, routers, and websites. It will make your navigation of the internet easier, safer, and more productive. There are plenty of people, young and old, that are making a living using the internet, whether it be selling stuff on Ebay, getting a following on Facebook or Instagram, or tutoring. And the beauty of tech is that it can untether you from a desk, a building, or even a city so that you can do almost everything from anywhere.

Become A Mentor

If there is anything you have after 50 or 60 years of living, it’s experience! It doesn’t matter what your career was, you have acquired a wealth of knowledge that others need. Mentorship programs are plentiful and always looking to recruit people with experience to help. Reinvent yourself by working with eager young people. It will get your juices flowing and you’ll get caught up in their youthful passion. Teaching also leads to learning, and learning keeps you young and vital. And you’ll make some new friends too!

Reinvent Yourself

Wakeup The Arts In You

So many people over 50 are discovering talents they may have neglected during their busy education and work years. Men and women have taken up art, sculpture, and writing. Reinvent yourself by exploring these hidden passions. Take art lessons, sign up for a writing course at the local college, or just start on your own. One woman we interviewed has actually made money selling her art through a website she started! How exciting would that be? Raymond Chandler, the famous detective novel writer, had his first novel “The Big Sleep” published when he was 44! The list of “late bloomers” goes on!

Reinvent Yourself. Pretty powerful words. Use the life experience you’ve accumulated to take you to another level. Over 50 doesn’t mean life becomes dull and routine. There’s a lot of living to do whether you’re in your 50s, 60s, 70s or older. Just remember to find a passion, keep trying and learning new things, and share your experience and knowledge with the younger generation. Carpe Diem!

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