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8 Impressive Valentine’s Day Gifts For The Woman In Your Life

If you’re the type of man who never struggles to find the perfect gift for his girlfriend or wife, then you don’t need this article. Chances are you’re not that man. Much like Bigfoot or the Lockness Monster, we’ve heard of him but have yet to see him with our own eyes!

That’s where we come in. Manopause.com asked the women we know what kind of gifts they would love to get for Valentine’s Day and this is that list. She deserves the best, so don’t skimp– treat her like the queen she is. And go ahead, take credit and pretend you found her present all on your own. We won’t tell.

Lunya Cotton Pajama Set

Women love good sweats and an oversized t-shirt… who doesn’t? But sometimes it’s nice to feel noticed in your pajamas and Lunya is the perfect brand for that.

This sleepwear is sexy, comfortable and can be machine washed on cold. Lunya cotton pajamas feature a button front top, elastic waistband and sizable pockets. Plus, its lightweight material works all year round.

$198 – Lunya.co

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Men may never be meant to understand the value of a good hair dryer, but trust us– women get it. The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer has been all of the rage for years now, and that is because it is simply the best. It works fast (so she takes less time getting ready) and won’t damage her hair with extreme heat.

With 5 attachments and a variety of colors, the possibilities are endless. It increases shine and simultaneously reduces frizz and flyaways. If that’s gibberish to you, just know that she will love this gift and you will love how great her hair looks on date night.

$429.99 – Dyson.com

Allbirds Wool Piper Woven Sneakers

Allbirds started as a small company with one style of sneaker. Now they’ve got shoes for everyone in the family, in all different materials and styles. The original wool runners are the inspiration for these Piper Woven sneakers. The tops are made from merino wool and the rubber bottoms help provide traction wherever you go.

This classic design is versatile for all seasons and plenty of outfits. They’re perfect for travel and walking through new cities, but also great for a quick Sunday breakfast date. The best part is that they can get tossed into the washing machine and come out as good as new. With several colors to choose from, we can promise she will want them in another color sooner than later.

$115 – Allbirds.com

DRx SpectraLite™ FaceWare Pro

Dr. Dennis Gross is always on the cutting edge of skincare. This LED device for your entire face is cleared by the FDA and helps to reduce breakouts and fine lines.

The SpectraLite™ Faceware Pro features a combination of 100 LED lights in red mode and 62 LED lights in blue mode. These lights work together to boost collagen product, improve skin density, smooth wrinkles, diminish discoloration, and clear acne for a clear, younger-looking complexion. The woman in your life will be overjoyed with her results and chances are you’ll be sneaking around trying it for yourself.

$455 – DrDennisGross.com

Brooklinen Waffle Robe

Brooklinen makes amazing sheets so why wouldn’t they make a perfect bath robe? This waffle robe is 100% Turkish cotton, absorbent and fast drying. With wide sleeves, an adjustable tie waist, and pockets (women LOVE pockets) it’s what dreams are made of.

Whether she’s drying off after a shower or just lounging on a Sunday, she will be more than comfortable in her new waffle robe. Brooklinen recommends you size up, as the waffle pattern traditionally shrinks, so keep that in mind when ordering.

$99 – Brooklinen.com

Urban Stems

Flowers might be the most stereotypical Valentine’s Day gift for a women, but it doesn’t mean they don’t love them! Urban Stems helps you step your game up with their luxurious bouquets that are built on a subscription model.

Whether you want simple classic bouquet or a large luxe bouquet, these flowers will arrive at your favorite lady’s door biweekly or monthly. You can keep her smiling all year long with Urban Stems. There is no commitment and you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time!

$55-105 – Urbanstems.com

Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

Many people who love to read are against reading on a screen and much prefer the tangibility of paper pages. All we have to say is don’t knock it until you try it! With over 100 million sold, they must be on to something!

From reading at the beach, without that awful sun glare, to quietly reading in bed next to your partner without waking them, the Kindle Paperwhite is an awesome gift. E-books are less expensive than physical books, so a reader can blow through titles all while saving money. Once you buy one as a gift, we’re sure you’ll want one for yourself.

$139.99 – Amazon.com

Masterclass All Access Pass

Henry Ford said, “Anyone who keeps learning is young.” The Masterclass All Access Pass opens up a world of learning in almost any field you can imagine: Arts and Entertainment, Business, Music, Writing, Science and so much more.

Taught by acknowledged experts in their fields, you have access to minds that have helped shape our lives. A great gift for any age that will keep on giving!

$15/mo. Billed Annually

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