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A Furry Friend For Life: A Guide To Companion Dogs

Dogs can be the best of companions. They have earned the title of man’s best friend because they are known to stick with us through thick and thin. Owning a canine can add structure and purpose to your life. If you are currently looking for an adorable companion and unconditional love, then you should definitely consider getting a dog.

Before you make up your mind to get yourself a four-pawed companion, it is important to take time and understand the breed of dog that will suit you the best. Scroll down to have a look at some of the best breeds to consider when you are over 50.   


The poodle is a popular breed of dogs among the elderly. They are small and fun and make wonderful companions. They are easy to train and usually very well behaved. 

Another advantage of choosing a poodle is that they are low-shedding so you won’t have to worry about cleaning up after them all the time. Regular appointments with the groomer will keep your poodle’s curly mane under control.

Keep in mind that this is a fun loving breed of dog. They are more suitable for active people because they love the company and need regular walks.


Greyhounds are mild-mannered, lovable creatures. They do not need much exercise but they do need your love and company. A greyhound will be happy to stay in-doors and simply laze around. A daily walk and occasional opportunities to run will keep this gentle dog satisfied.        

If you are looking for a sweet and gentle friend who is just grateful to be a part of your life, then a greyhound is a perfect choice.   

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are packed with energy and curiosity. Their playful nature makes it impossible not to get attached to them. With a bit of training, this dog can make a very loyal pet for your golden years.

Yorkshire Terriers do not shed a lot of hair, but their long coat requires daily brushing. The best part is that they are known to be hypoallergenic so they make a great pet for people with allergies.    

Since it’s a small dog, your Yorkshire Terrier will quickly get tired. They do not need a lot of space to run around and will be quite content in a small retirement house or apartment.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador retriever is the most popular dog breed in America. Historically they were used as retrievers and helpers to fisherman, giving them their name. Yellow is the most popular color for labs, followed by black and chocolate.

They can now be seen as search and rescue dogs and service dogs for those who need them. A lab is also a great family dog or companion to anyone. They are affectionate and easily trained. They will be your greatest walking buddy and certain to become a four legged shadow wherever you go.

Shih Tzu

If you are a lap dog person, then Shih Tzu will make an ideal pet for you. These affectionate fellows love spending their time in peace and quiet and will calmly curl around on the carpet while you do your chores. They are naturally friendly and exhibit friendly behavior even towards strangers.

Shih Tzu requires regular grooming and despite their small size, they need to be walked daily. Their playful and friendly nature makes them great company, especially for older people.

The Goldendoodle

The Goldendoodle is full of love, fun and patience. This affectionate breed has become increasingly popular in the past decade and can range in size from 45-100lbs. They are a great walking companion, and will definitely try to stop and greet everyone in their path.

Doodles do shed less, being part Poodle, but will still need regular visits to the groomer.

They are easily trainable and did we say loving?

The French Bulldog

The “Frenchie” is how we all probably know this breed. They are currently one of the most in-demand breeds and arguably one of the cutest. They are often quite attached to their owners and don’t require a large amount of space for exercise.

These little guys are known for being sensitive and are extremely likely to draw a crowd of adoration whenever they’re seen in public with you. Don’t worry, they love the attention and you will learn to as well!

The Mutt/Rescue

All canine companions are a blessing to any home. A rescue from the local shelter can be a purebred pup or a true mutt. They come in all ages and mixes, but are all just as full of love as any of the dogs mentioned above.

Most rescue dogs are truly happy to have been given a stable home. You may not know about their lives before you, but you can both make each other’s lives vastly greater once you bring them into your home.

Whatever dog breed you decide on, just make sure you are ready to give it your all. A dog may not be your whole life, but it can make your life a whole lot better! 

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