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Dressing To Impress After You Are 50

First Impressions & Dressing To Impress

I don’t know if you’ve ever believed in ‘first impressions’, but I personally think the saying is a little overrated. First impressions are the last, maybe for some people, but not for me. But the one thing I must admit is that first impressions really count when you age. First impressions are a big deal when you enter your 50s because 50 is all about having a suave personality and how you present yourself. People in your personal and professional life notice these things in you and have high expectations of you.

Most men in their 50s, who are single or divorced, start to date again and they need to make an impression that results in a favorable outcome for them.

There are many things in a man over 50 that can impress other people – his style, personality, behavior, mentality, and ability to socialize.

However, this article focuses on the single most important thing that can impress the party in front of you – just by looking at you, even before you get a chance to interact. And that thing is your how you dress! But this article is not just about clothes. It’s about grooming your entire appearance after your 50. So, let’s get into the details.

Caring for the Basics

Most of the men after 50 don’t pay attention to their grooming, especially the retired generation. They usually prefer to go around in their scabby clothes with unkempt hair, poorly maintained teeth, bad breath, dirty shoes, and unclipped ear and nose hair. Meeting people bearing that image doesn’t look very respectful. Spend some time on your personal appearance to show you have some self-respect as well.

Go for Comfort Not Showy Fashion

dressing to impress

Don’t force yourself into fashion, or should I say flashy fashion. This is the age when everything fashionable might not go with your overall image. In these cases, choose comfort over fashion and don’t even think about wearing something that looks forced on you.

Accentuate Your Good Features

I know men really don’t care about their looks that much, but try using them to your advantage every now and then. Men with dark features, like grayish blackish hair, look really suave in the shades of black and dark gray. Try wearing something that accentuates the color of your eyes or your complexion.

Embracing the Age

Nothing you wear should send the message that you’re trying too hard to impress. If you start going out in t-shirts with printed slogans, even casually, it’s not a look for a well put together man over 50. This are the years when you should wear freshly laundered cotton shirts, jackets, knitwear without any moth holes, and jeans that are not ripped or faded.

There are other areas men over 50 should focus if they want to make the right impression. Wrong or dirty shoes, for instance, can ruin your whole attire. There’s one golden rule that you can follow when it comes to dressing – if you can’t afford expensive things, go for less costly things, but make sure they are decent, not cheap!

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