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Things No Man Over 60 Should Own

At the cusp of middle age, some things from your past seem to have latched on to you as belongings which are very difficult to let go of. These may be wildly inappropriate clothes for your age or a haircut which just does not do you justice once you’ve passed the 50 yard line.

Here are just a few of the things we believe you should outgrow by the time you’re 60.

AOL Email Address

These email addresses are now only owned by hipsters who also wear really tight pants. It’s difficult to let go of technologies like vinyl music, but this email address needs to be replaced with Gmail.

‘Clown’ Ties

It’s been a long time since you were the funny guy at your frat party. Your collection of ties should be as refined and elegant as your age. There’s no excuse for wearing a tie with yellow duck designs or pepperoni circles, unless you’re a professional party clown.

Velcro Wallets

Imagine you take your wife, or even worse your girlfriend, out on a date, and whenever you have to pull out your credit card to pay, everyone in the restaurant hears that rippppiiiinnnngggg sound.

It obviously means something to you since you’re still holding on to it, but it is high time that you let it go. Buy yourself an elegant, designer leather wallet!

Your Life Is Not ‘The Art Of War’

There were times in your life where you needed to believe that you were a warrior. At 60 however, you need to let go of Sun Tzu and choose a better mantra. Look for books that offer more empathy and positivity. You can pass your old book onto your 20 year old.

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‘Clown’ Shoes

A study that was conducted a few years ago established that people can determine your age by looking at your shoes. Therefore, wearing bowling shoes or a converse at 50 is not proving how young you are at heart. Let go and treat yourself to a pair of luxurious shoes, like boat shoes or loafers.

Stories Involving Your Shenanigans

It’s time you stopped telling those old stories about your drugs days or the night you spent in jail. You can still be entertaining at dinner parties and other events without them. Remember that there may be younger people in the family who actually look up to you. These stories are a great part of your life and can still be told in the right company. But they could be a bad influence on the younger generation that could get them, and you, into trouble.

Shot Glasses

Your age is way too refined to be hanging around people who drink Tequila. At this age you should have a pristine collection of glassware to drink your liquor from which emanates class. For example, the unique and stylish Manopause Whiskey Glass is a guaranteed conversation starter and high end addition to any home bar. (Pardon the shameless plug.)

You can probably tell what this article is getting at: everything in your life which is against your stature and age has to fade away. Now you can adopt other habits which are more suitable to your golden years, such as golf or sailing a boat. Even though this article advises that you shouldn’t seem so, you should always remain young at heart.

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