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The Fascinating Connection Between Older Men And Younger Women

Most men in their 50s might not be aware of this, but some middle-aged men have come up with a provocative new dating rule – half your age plus 7 is the target for dating young women these days. Hmmm….

However, there’s a problem with our society’s mindset. When a man in his mid-thirties dates a woman in her mid-twenties, there seems to be no problem. But when a man in his 50s starts to date a woman half his age, people tend to look down on them and sometimes call them creepy. Either that, or they look up to them and call them lucky bastards!

Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with dating outside of your age group. Some men like dating women their own age because they tend to have more commonly shared interests and the same generational reference points. Some men have a thing for older women because they have a more mature definition of beauty or they never outgrew their Oedipus complex.

Unfortunately, our society often jumps to conclusions about middle-aged men with younger women. Some people see an older, less attractive man with a younger, more attractive woman and think “he must have a lot of money.” Just like when they see an unattractive woman with a hot guy and think “She must be great in bed.” In either case, they usually aren’t thinking “It must be love.”

In fact, some men in their 50s are so afraid of the stigma that society puts on them that they don’t even go after the girl they like. Instead they either feel pressure to be with someone their own age or they don’t bother dating at all. And that’s not right or fair.

I know a lot of great men in their 50s who just happen to be attracted to younger women, and these women are attracted to them. These relationships are genuine and consensual because a lot of women don’t like dating younger guys or even men their own age. Young women can be into older men as much as older men are into young women.

With a good match, age disparity in a relationship should be a very trivial thing. If Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones can make a powerful star couple, so can you!

It’s the Biology!

You would be surprised to see that men in all societies tend to date younger women. The rationale behind this trend is quite simple – women attain their physical attractiveness a lot earlier than men. Just look at the standards we apply to our celebrities. Actresses are generally termed most beautiful when they’re in their 20s. On the other hand, actors are called hunks into their 30s – sometimes even into their 40s. These days, a lot of leading men, like Liam Neeson and Keanu Reeves, became action heroes in their 50s! That’s the primary reason why older men will always continue to like younger women and vice versa. You can’t defeat the, albeit, superficial physical biology.

Attraction Is an Uncontrollable Emotion

Attraction, like love and other abstract feelings, is an emotion that we can only feel. There isn’t much that humans can do when they feel attracted to something or somebody. It’s what our body and mind choose for us. We have no control over who we feel attracted to or who we fall in love with. This explains why men, despite being middle-aged, often prefer the company of younger women. It also explains why so many women thought Humphrey Bogart was handsome. Go figure.

All in all, when the sexually liberated women of today prefer to be romantically involved with middle-aged men, and men, bound by all the reasons we’ve discussed in this article, are into young women – why do people have to be so judgy about it?

If you are falling head over heels in love with a woman half your age and the feeling is mutual, there is nothing wrong with that…as long as you are single when you are falling! 

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