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MANOPOD Podcast - 50th Episode


Larry and Mike welcome Jed Diamond, PhD, a pioneer in the field of men’s health and well-being. Dr. Diamond started the MenAlive Program in 1968 with the goal of helping men cope with physical, mental, and emotional changes that occur during midlife and beyond.


A First Kiss Just a kiss? I remember a time in my life when a first kiss or simply kissing someone was such a turn-on that it could almost bring a person to climax. I know, I know, we’re ta…


The McRib: a “food” cultural phenomenon. But before we go there, let me give you some background. I may be a food snob, but I love a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, got hook…


I’m not going to point fingers, but there are people who think there is no difference between men and women (aside from a little plumbing).  To these people, I have two words: A…


Saving The Elephants What does it take to save an elephant? It’s not an easy question and the answer is even more difficult. But while complex, what we do know is that we all have an imp…

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