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The 2021 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Our team has assembled some winning Valentine’s Day gifts that you can get her, she can get you, or you can get for both of you! We’re all about peace and love and tranquility, despite the monsters who conceived this holiday from hell.


When feminist icon Gloria Steinem, turning 40, was complimented on still being a pretty hot babe, she famously replied, “This is what 40 looks like.” Steinem turned 86 this year. …


I know what it’s like to go without hugs for months. Maybe you’re alone in lockdown and missing hugs, too. It made me feel awful. I was carrying a kind of stress inside that I didn’t und…


Retirees are not worried about money. We are worried about contracting COVID-19. Our children are not worried about COVID-19. They are worried about money. So COVID-19 presents…


What does it take to save an elephant? It’s not an easy question and the answer is even more difficult. But while complex, what we do know is that we all have an impact. Save the Elephan…

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