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Look Good Feel Great: 9 Awesome Tips To Get Back On Track

If you’ve seen your looks and self-confidence slide over the past 12 months, you are not alone. It is a situation that millions of people have found themselves in as a result of the pandemic. Personally my style has changed so much that I often do not recognize who this person is.  I never slid into sweat suits and yoga pants but good golly my work style is not norm. Take heart, you are not alone but  you cannot afford to let this situation continue. Now is the time to finally regain control of the situation.

Remember: “Look Good Feel Great” Is The New Motto

When making a conscious effort to put things right, you don’t just want results. You deserve them fast. Here are some of the best ways to inspire a transformation that will truly get your life back on track over the months to come.

Restore Healthy Home Living Routines

The pandemic has impacted all of our lives in a big way. Everything from work patterns to shopping habits have been altered. As such, it is quite likely that you have abandoned some of the daily routines around the home that had previously served you so well. Putting them back in place should be the first item on your agenda. Re-establish a cleaning routine, a crafting routine, anything to get you back in the groove. 

Firstly, you should stop the nights of endless social media surfing and focus on getting a good night’s sleep. This single step will improve roughly one-third of your life, which will bring major physical and emotional upgrades. This includes improved skin, hair, and nails, alongside increased energy and positivity. My mindless scrolling has me mind becoming mush. My first step, leaving the fun in the kitchen and resuming my reading habits.  Relax in bed  and focus on positive sleep habits.

Life is getting back to normal, but we all need to spend more time at home than in the pre-pandemic days. Getting this aspect right will provide a platform for success.

Regain Youthful Skin

We all lose a little elasticity in our skin as we get older. Nonetheless, the skin is the biggest organ on the body and is the physical barrier that protects your body. Therefore, it makes sense to protect it from a health perspective. The fact that healthy, youthful-looking skin will dramatically boost your looks should not be ignored either.

Advancements in technology have made cosmetic treatments more affordable and accessible. A facelift cost, for example, is more attractive than it was a decade ago. When combined with the fact that we all need a little support following the pandemic, there has never been a better time to treat yourself. Have you thought about this?  True confession, it is on my mind,  not a total look but more of a fix the neck, check the eyes or smooth the forehead kind of thought process. 

OK truth be told I have thought of a chin/neck procedure for years. As I have gotten older I realized I can tighten the belly with exercise but that neck area is far harder to hide and fix at home. You can take years off your look with very quick results. When followed with a good skincare routine, the benefits can be enjoyed for years to come.

Rebuild A Winning Smile

look good feel great

A winning smile is the most sought-after beauty feature by far. After all, it is the center of attention for all communication and is usually the first thing that anyone will notice about your appearance. Whether consciously or subconsciously, the influence it has on your overall look and self-confidence is huge. In short, it deserves your attention.

If you have been unable to see the dentist as often as you’d like, it’s important to book an appointment ASAP. A scale and clean service will make an immediate impact. I have been twicce since the pandemic started and boy did it feel good to have my teeth checked and cleaned.  If extra work is needed, you may wish to consider getting braces or aligners. Professional teeth whitening is another popular solution that will give you reason to smile. 

Remember I was the gal that got braces in her 30’s and my confidence soared. It’s never too late in life to discover the many benefits that a winning smile brings to your life. When you are in need of a significant boost, this is a brilliant solution.

Focus On Body Image

Most people will have put a few pounds on over the past year as a result of reduced activity. And it is a situation that can knock your confidence levels. However, even if you haven’t put weight on, it’s likely that you could benefit from toning up a little over the coming months. It gives you a trimmer, firmer look that will help clothes fit far better. I am struggling with the 10, and boy is it hard. 

The list of physical activities that you can enjoy will be influenced by a range of circumstances including your risk of the virus. However, adding a few team sports or fitness classes to the routines can work wonders. You won’t have to abandon the walks and cycling that you’ve recently enjoyed. Still, human engagement will make it far more fun.

In turn, the increased enjoyment will encourage you to stay consistent. Results will subsequently arrive far quicker.

Dress To Impress

Natural beauty and a good body image are naturally the best starting points for looking good. Nonetheless, your choice of outfit can have a telling influence too. While you have probably spent a lot of time in sweats and loungewear, now is the time to think beyond comfort. Because the right style of clothes can significantly enhance your appearance.

The great news is that dressing to impress needn’t cost a fortune. When you know how to find a bargain, it’s possible to revamp your entire wardrobe in a cost-effective manner. Maybe consider selling what you no longer wear and rebuild a new base. This could help ensure you have more money to make the most of the new style by actually enjoying life to the full. I actually donated 11 bags of clothing and 150 pairs of shoes that I knew I would never wear again. 

You don’t have to dress your best on a daily basis. When you want to banish feelings of self-doubt, though, this is one of the easiest solutions available. I try to dress more comfortably but I always try and make sure I am ZOOM ready. Breaking out my Eva Trends Tunic and a great pair of boots makes me feel like me again. 

Switch Your Hairstyle

Great hair, don’t care. It’s an old cliche, but it certainly rings true. Moreover, if you have been unable to visit your salon or hairstylist for an extended period, you will feel the effects of bad hair. A change of style or color won’t only revitalize your hair. It will inject fresh life into your whole vibe. Not least because it’s the type of upgrade that will receive compliments. 

This is the perfect time to check out the latest hairstyle trends. Aside from the direct benefits of a more youthful appearance, the new hairstyle can alter your mood and mindset. For the very best results, you should also learn some quick fixes. This will equip you with the versatility needed to maintain a stunning look in all situations. I have tried growing out the bangs ( nope, didn’t like that one), tried the middle part and went longer again. 

A winning hairstyle also encourages you to take pride in yourself in other aspects of your look and life. Consequently, then, the indirect rewards are arguably even greater.

Treat Musculoskeletal Issues

Getting older can lead to a wide range of physical changes. Unfortunately, they may have worsened over the past 12 months. Aside from making daily activities harder to complete, it is an issue that will impact your posture. When you are hunched over and smaller, you cast a less confident figure. Therefore, your entire body image will look worse.

There are several ways to reverse some of the damage. Wearing a posture corrector is one of the best options for an immediate benefit and gradual improvement. Meanwhile, a chiropractor’s fee is great value for money if it can remove the discomfort and stop you from slouching. Moreover, the alignment can prevent leaning to one side.

In addition to back issues, you should pay attention to your foot pains. After all, visible discomfort will always impact your appearance as well as your happiness.

Pamper Yourself

There are many to improve your natural appearances. However, your looks are often a direct reflection of your wellness. Given that these are very stressful times, it’s vital that you learn to give your body the R&R it deserves. When you have a regular opportunity to take a break from the hectic nature of modern life, it will naturally shine through in your looks.

Taking a spa day is easily the most effective way to leave your whole body feeling refreshed. However, building a spa-like bathroom allows you to enjoy many of the benefits at home. Furthermore, this can feed into the efforts for a better night’s sleep and home routine. Frankly, it’s the least you deserve.

Besides, you can’t possibly give the best version of yourself to other people if you aren’t prepared to show self-affection. Embrace it.

Be You!

Finally, whatever you do, be sure to do it in your style. Being yourself is the most important step for bringing all of the above features together. Love the skin you’re in, and you will inevitably look and feel better than ever. 

Now that you know how to regain control of your look and general confidence levels, now is the time to go out and make it happen. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see the rewards.

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