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Learning To Love Yourself: The Art Of Masturbation

When he was 64 years old actor R. Lee Ermey gave an interview where he openly discussed his own masturbation habits. (Considering that this is a subject that most men aren’t comfortable talking about with their spouses or best friends, it’s pretty strange that he chose to make it a matter of public record.) Discussing the art of leaving something to the imagination, he said, “If you have an imagination anywhere near what mine is like, I mean, I still masturbate for Christ’s Sakes! I can still visualize Marilyn Monroe and the Playboy bunnies from the 1950s.” So consider the secret as being completely out in the open.

Everybody knows that 60 year olds still masturbate!

Still, a survey asking people over the age of 50 about their sex lives resulted in a lot of open, honest answers on a wide variety of topics, but the one subject where most participants declined to answer was masturbation. It may be the self-indulgent nature of the act, a strict religious upbringing, or fear of growing telltale hair on the palm of one’s hands that makes it such a taboo subject of conversation for so many people. Whatever your feelings on masturbation, rest assured that everybody does it, with very, very few exceptions. In fact, the minority of the human population who don’t indulge in masturbation tend to have suffered some sexual trauma in the past or to have been raised to harbor a negative opinion of sex in general.

Masturbation is not a sign of perversion as it was considered in the 19th Century when doctors would patent anti-masturbation chastity belts and the like, but rather, a sign of a healthy sexual appetite and an acceptance and appreciation of one’s own body. Plus, when done properly, it can become an art form unto itself.

Masturbation practiced by a person in a sexually active relationship is just as healthy and as common as masturbation practiced by single people, and the act should be seen not as a substitute for sex so much as sex with one’s self. It may sound corny, but many people prefer to refer to masturbation as “making love to one’s self” or “self love” rather than by more vulgar terms such as jerking off, choking the chicken, wanking the willy, yanking my chain, rubbing one out, Lone Rangering, doing a Meg Ryan, celebrating Palm Sunday, and so on.

Masturbation has been proven to have plenty of benefits to a person’s health.

It probably doesn’t even need to be said, but the statements released by doctors and ill-informed hypothesists in the 1800s were largely unfounded and in the long run proved completely foolish. The only health risk involved with masturbation is soreness. In fact, it even helps with reproduction, as, in men, masturbation ensures that fresh, lively sperm reach the egg rather than sperm that have been laying around in the urethra for a while. Just like in an old house, you gotta flush those pipes out once in awhile.

In love making, masturbation can be very useful.

A person who masturbates regularly can be expected to have a better knowledge of their own personal likes and dislikes, a more intimate knowledge of their own sexual identity, and as such, sex will be all the more rewarding. Mutual masturbation is also a common and intimate form of sexual intercourse. This simply involves a couple using their hands to stimulate one another rather than having traditional intercourse. Or watching each other masturbate is often a real turn-on for many couples. Hey, don’t knock it till you try it.

While it may seem to be somewhat impractical to make a habit of this, many experts recommend treating masturbation as a form of sex to the extent of including foreplay and ambience in the experience. Most people honestly just don’t have the time for that, or may feel ridiculously self indulgent, but the sentiment is a valid one. A person should treat their body with respect in all regards and consider masturbation as a way to take care of one’s self.

To that end, here are some “handy” tips.

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