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4 Myths About Sex After 50

There are plenty of misconceptions going around about what sex is like after 50. There have always been stereotypes in the media that sex has an “expiration date” and older people always lose interest in sex. We’re here to refute those inaccurate cliches and to get you back in the game! 

When we were young, the very notion of older people physically intermingling was just – as we used to put it – gross! But now that we are those older people, we realize that it can still be hot. We haven’t lost the desire or the ability. We just need to find new ways to make it fun and exciting. If you’re in your 50s, 60s or 70s and worry about not being up to the task, here are 4 of the top myth busters from our research:

1. Decreased Interest In Sex

There has never been an age limit on sexual desire. As a matter of fact, us guys often find that our brains get stuck in a sort of sexual auto-pilot mode, even after our bodies have bailed out on us. After thinking about sex the same way for so many years, it’s like we’ve permanently ingrained the same lusts and desires into our psyches. We may not even really want the same things anymore, but that doesn’t mean we stop thinking about them in the same ways. We’re just wired and weird that way.

Sexual stimulation and satisfaction at this age depend solely on the quality of your relationship and intimacy. A survey conducted by the National Council of Aging should be enough proof, right? The survey revealed that 74% of men in their 50s said they were as satisfied, or even more satisfied with their sex lives as compared to when they were in their 40s. (We’re not sure if there’s any correlation between that study and the fact that the divorce rate goes up for couples in their 50s.)

Most older adults agreed that sex is an important part of a romantic relationship at any age. Of course, men were more likely to agree than women. And what’s more, they also conducted a study where they proved sex at least once a week could help you live longer! Which begs the question – where do you sign up for these studies?

2. Erectile Dysfunction

Age is not the primary reason why men suffer from this condition, although it is likely to be an underlying cause. Low testosterone levels, or low T, may contribute to erectile dysfunction (ED), but there is a wide spectrum of potential causes including health conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity; certain prescription medications, smoking and alcohol use; and stress, depression or relationship problems. In fact, the side effects of prescribed meds, blood circulation problems, and prostate disorders account for approximately 85% of all erectile dysfunctions. Not to mention the memory of walking in on your parents “doing it” which is the biggest erection killer of them all.

There are plenty of treatment options for erectile dysfunction including Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and a growing list of other generic brands. There are also alternative therapies such as acupuncture, red ginseng (called the herbal Viagra), DHEA, and L-arginine. Always consult your physician before embarking on any type of treatment plan. And remember, if you have an erection that lasts more than 4 hours – call your doctor. Then call all your friends and brag about it!

3. Women Lose The Ability To Orgasm As They Age

There is some truth that physiological and hormonal changes in a women’s body can cause discomfort with certain sexual activities. This just means that men need to be more sensitive and considerate when making love to women of a certain age. Historically, this has not been our strong suit. Let’s face it, men go through most of their lives trying to solve the mysteries of the female orgasm only to discover that women are not like us and they’re even different from each other. The fact that their sexual needs change when they get older, just adds a new wrinkle. (Pun intended.)

On the upside, after menopause, many women are able to experience increased levels of sexual pleasure, including more intense and frequent orgasms. Too bad that doesn’t happen to men. Then we wouldn’t need any of the aforementioned pills.

Vaginal lubricants and extended foreplay can be a game changer. While these can sometimes be messy and exhausting they are almost always worth the effort. As long as you’re not a neat freak or don’t get too tired before you get to the good part.

4. Masturbation Undermines Sexual Satisfaction With Your Partner

This is not only untrue; the reality is the exact opposite. We all grew up hearing the old wives’ tales about what happens when you masturbate too much. You’ll go blind, you’ll grow hair on your palms or you won’t get into Heaven. And nobody wants to be a blind guy with hairy palms in Heaven!

However, masturbation can actually increase sexual stimulation and motivation. This may be done in order to maintain erectile responsiveness and therefore induce the much-needed sex drive in a relationship. Masturbation also has the ability to raise hormone levels resulting in sexual satisfaction with and without your partner. Just don’t wear yourself out before your mate gets home.

We hope this article will be helpful to you whenever you’re ready to get serious about fooling around after 50.

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