Love Tequila? 10 Fun Facts Every Tequila Fan Must Know

Published: April 15, 2022

Did you know July 24th is national Tequila Day? Hands up, did you really? I honestly did not know that. I mean I know Margarita Day happens in February but Tequila gets it’s very own special day. In our home that is a fitting celebration. Kent loves his tequila as do the boys. I mean, truly, it is almost as popular as bourbon in our home. So in honour of the day I thought we could learn a little bit about Tequila.

10 Fun Facts about Tequila

  1. It is finished with 60 percent water, so let’s stay hydrated shall we?
  2. There are actually five official classifications… do you know what they are? Blanco, Joven, Reposado, Anejo and Extra Anejo.  It’s an age range and the older the better, just like wine and women!
  3. The drink actually has tasting notes just like wine. It is not uncommon to find undertones of vanilla, spice, or hints of pepper.
  4. Appellation Origin- say what, just like Champagne, this drink can can only be produced in five regions in Mexico. Bonus if you can name the regions.
  5. Tequila comes from the Blue Agave Plant. Bet you knew that one already.
  6. BUT only the Blue Agave Heart is used.
  7. The Agave Plant is NOT a cactus, I kid you not, it’s actually more closely related to the lily family.
  8. Tequila Drinkers in Mexico sip they do not shot Tequila.  It is to be savoured.
  9. Tequila pairings are real, next time when sipping your tequila check out what you also should be sampling
  10. Finally, did you know the alanco, if left as is has no corn syrup or cane sugar in it? That means no hangover.

Special Thanks to Town & Country Magazine for inspiring this post. Who knew what I got up this morning that the day would turn out so bright. Remember when life gives you lemons, trade them in for limes and enjoy your tequila.

Or if you prefer hop over and test out the best Margarita Recipe ever and if you have a few extra minutes maybe check out my life lesson on mezcal.

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